Nursery Ideas

When you’re expecting a new arrival, one of the most exciting jobs you can get on with is preparing the nursery. There are some wonderful options for beautiful furnishings and creative décor ideas around and you can find a lot of excellent ideas online. From funky wallpapers and quirky mobiles to functional storage and colourful flooring, all you need to do is bring it together to create something individual and fantastic.

Nursery Ideas

Go Bold
While other parts of your home might look better with muted or unfussy colour coordination schemes, especially when you’re catering to your own adult sensibilities, your nursery gives you the option to use bold, exciting colours and designs. Vivid decorating options such as hand-painted paper designs, wall hangings and stencils can all be used to create a personal and unique nursery that fits together perfectly.

Online social sites such as Pinterest are perfect for finding the unusual ideas if you’re not quite sure where to start. Here you’ll find animal motifs and hot air balloons as well as stunning buses, tree decals and Scandinavian chic with the option to mix and match to your heart’s content.

Flooring for Nurseries
Again, you can look to create bright colours and designs with the wide range of flooring available. What you ideally want is something that is soft and supportive underneath but is also easy to clean. Carpet should certainly be top of your list but other types of flooring such as cork, which has anti-microbial properties and is a more eco-friendly choice, could well be a great option too.

Furnishings and Finishing Touches
We all know that the initial few years of a baby’s development are important and that means having a lot of fixtures and fittings that simply grabs their attention. First of all, you shouldn’t forget about the ceiling – baby is going to spend a lot of time gurgling on his or her back and staring upwards. This is where you can put brightly coloured mobiles and other things that will amaze and delight your baby’s senses.

Children grow quickly so if you want something that you can easily change, you can buy easy peel off stickers that will help spruce up the room’s décor quite easily – particularly useful if you rent rather than own your own home. A box for toys and oodles of storage are also important and these can be decorated to make them even more personal. If you want to have fixtures that are less likely to be pulled over by your curious toddler, shelves and fixed storage add a higher degree of safety.

The biggest piece of furniture is obviously going to be the cot and it’s worth choosing one with a drop side which makes it easier for picking baby up as well as laying them down for a good rest. You might also want to include a feeding chair and a changing station.

Lighting can also be tailored and there are a wide range of options – you might want to invest in a dimmer switch, for example, so you can change the ambient lighting. Also think about a blackout curtain that can help baby get into good sleeping habits and stop outside light being a problem.

Should You Go Gender Neutral?
It’s been in the news quite a lot in recent times and you may be considering going gender neutral. The truth is that you don’t have to stick with the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys colour scheme, though if this is your thing there’s no harm in it either. Try to create a space that is visually stimulating and if you want to cross genders then why not?
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