(Not) a long way from home


Recent research by My Home Move has revealed that 70% of people, who sold their primary residence, moved less than 20 miles to their new property. Of the 26,000 ‘house-movers’  in the last five years, those in the North East, East and South West were the most loyal to their location, with nearly 90% choosing to stay within their region.   

Londoners leaving to escape the ‘rat race’   typically made the biggest move by jumping a region and travelling in excess of 100 miles to settle in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. The research also showed that the North-South divide exists. The majority of movers who relocated out of the region went either West or East, with very few making the North or South journey.

The statistics highlight just how crucial it is to use a genuinely local and professional estate agent when selling your home. The ‘local property expert’ who covers 15 postcodes may not necessarily be able to provide your potential buyers with the inside track on the outstanding Ofsted rating for the local catchment school or planned redevelopment works in the pipeline. Look for an agent that can give you a current and relevant insight into the local property market - ask them questions that you know the answers to and that may have appeal to potential buyers. Do they have boards up in the local area? Do they have lots of properties listed on their website?   Do they have a database of registered buyers?

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