Noisy neighbours put tenants off renting a home

Tenants find noisy neighbours put them off renting a home the most ' but they are just one of a list of annoyances that landlords can try to avoid.

More than half of tenants are put off  renting a home by what they consider the 'neighbours from hell?, but here?s the list of other things tenants find irritating:

  • Noisy neighbours (55%)
  • Mouldy rooms (49%)
  • Home in a poor state of repair (43%)
  • No central heating (30%)
  • Untidy neighbouring gardens (28%)
  • Unpleasant smells, like smokers or animals (27%)
  • Untidy communal areas in flats or shared housing (16%)
  • No double glazing (14%)
  • Uncompleted decorating or building work (8%)
  • Stone cladding (7%)
  • Brown or green bathroom suites (4%)
  • Untidy or overgrown gardens (4%)
  • Poor interior design choices (2%)

Tenants are not keen on a lack of heating or double glazing, because they can make the energy bills pile up in a cold winter and generally make the home uncomfortable.

Most landlords ban smokers and pets, but many tenants ignore these rules and leave some obnoxious smells behind when they move out.

Older tenants are likely to find noisy neighbours off-putting when renting a home, but neighbours only annoy a third of under 35s, compared with two thirds of over 65s.

The numbers reverse as older people tend not to worry so much about heating and double glazing as youngsters ' probably because they were brought up in homes that had neither.

Ian Williams from Ocean Finance, the financial firm that compiled the figures, said: “It’s good to see that buyers are generally very savvy about what gives a home a lot of potential. It isn’t about decoration, which can be changed relatively easily – it’s about how pleasant the area and the house are to live in.

?Buyers also seem to know that more insidious problems like mould are also best avoided unless they have the funds and the time to make all the necessary repairs and changes.”

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