Moving to a New Town? How to overcome homesickness.

Relocating to a new home in a new town can be exciting and empowering for some. Even so it can quickly turn into a time of huge stress and leave you feeling homesick. Not only are you moving to an area where you don’t know anyone, if this is the first time away from friends and family, you are stepping off that cliff edge to full independence.

In recent years, more of us than ever have been moving further afield. Homesickness affects us all differently and it doesn’t matter who you are.

Here are some tips on helping to overcome it. Hopefully, it will mean you make a happy transition to your new home.

Have a Plan
It works for most things in life, so having a plan in place is good. It not only helps you get everything done but it can certainly lower your stress levels. Make sure you pack in time and have everything you need in place before you make the jump to your new life. If you are moving abroad, this is just as vital if you don’t want to spend your first few weeks trying to figure everything out.

Use Support Networks
Many of us move to a new town or country because of work. The good news is that a lot of businesses now offer support networks to help you relocate their employees. Ask if this is available and take advantage of it. If there isn’t any support available find local interest groups you can contact for help. For those moving abroad there are plenty of online groups that put you in contact with local communities and expats who can give great advice and friendship.

Do Your Homework
You’ll feel less isolated and cut adrift if you do your homework and get to know your new location beforehand. In the UK, that could be as simple as checking out local amenities. For international moves, you can research local customs and events to give yourself a better feel of what’s in store.

Homesickness is Natural
One thing you shouldn’t forget is that feeling homesick is perfectly natural. Don’t try to push it away and accept that there are going to be moments when you feel like heading back home. Even ardent travellers feel the tug when they move to a new location and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of it or hide it away. Talk to people – they more likely than not to have had the same experience as you.

Stay in Touch
It’s a lot easier to stay in touch with people at home than it used to be. Either through social media or platforms such as Skype, there are plenty of cheap and easy ways to reach out to friends and family. Of course, constant contact can make you feel worse if you are suffering from homesickness but it helps to know you can see the faces of your loved ones and have a chat when you most need it.

Get Out and About
Don’t hide yourself away when you get to your new location. For some, it can be difficult to take those first few steps to socialising but it needs to be done. If you’re made an offer of a night out then take it and start getting to know the new world around you and all it offers.

Avoid Being Idle
Finally, the busier you can keep yourself in those first few months while you settle in, the better. Homesickness generally gets worse the more we dwell on it. Have a list of things to do if you are likely to be at a loose end, especially in the beginning, and it should help you get through these challenging times.
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