Making the most of your Conservatory this Winter

Conservatories are great places to sit and relax during the summer months but we tend to use them much less once the colder winter nights start to draw in. With so much glass and little in the way of good insulation, your average conservatory can become a no-go area once the temperature drops a little.

Why not make the most of your conservatory this winter. While it’s often tempting to close up those connecting doors and forget you have this space, there’s quite a lot you can do to make your conservatory more habitable and welcoming during the winter months.
Making the Most of Your Conservatory This Winter

Making the Most of Your Conservatory This Winter
One key is to make a concerted effort and find regular ways which utilise this space throughout autumn and winter, including special occasions like Christmas and even Halloween. That may mean putting some thought into winter heating or solving the problem of insulation but there is plenty you can do.

Install Some Heating
The reason we tend to shy away from conservatories during winter time, of course, is that many don’t have their own heating source. If you’re thinking about having a conservatory put in soon, you may want to consider this aspect before you settle on the design. It doesn’t take much effort to have an extra socket added if you currently don’t have one and is worth the extra expense. You can then put in either an electric fire or opt for something like a small infrared panel which can provide immediate heat and help keep the location at just the right temperature.

Boost Your Insulation
Most conservatories don’t have great insulation so trying to tackle this is important if you want to use this space throughout the winter. There are several options to retrofit in order to lower heat transfer but the most common is to add energy efficient blinds to the windows and ceiling. This is one area that has improved dramatically over the last few years and can make a big difference to the amount of heat lost in the colder months.

Pay Attention to the Flooring
We tend to go for harder wearing flooring in the conservatory such as wood or tiles. One option if you really want to use it over the winter is to consider underfloor heating – it may cost a bit more but can make a big difference. If you don’t want to spend that much money, laying down some chunky, warm rugs during the winter can certainly dampen the chill underfoot.

Decorate for Christmas
Finding ways to use your conservatory during the winter is also important. It can be a great place to sit and contemplate the world, especially when there’s a frost or some snow has fallen. Attract animals such as birds into your garden and you can spend literally hours watching them scamper back and forth.

There are other times when you can decorate your conservatory, particularly Christmas when at least a few trinkets and some tinsel are a must. This is a great location for your tree and can form a brilliant central point to the Yuletide décor. All that window space is just perfect for fake snow and a chance to demonstrate your creativity. Halloween’s another great time to decorate and utilise your space, especially if you have children, why not create a really spooky chamber.
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