Living space - the final frontier for lifestyle planning

Landlords who want to make their homes more appealing to tenant should not make a meal out of finding space for a dining room.

Forking out the cash to create a dining room is just a waste of money, according to loans firm Ocean Finance.

Landlords would do better spending more money on making a comfortable and spacious living room, because that?s where most families spend 80% of their time.

The least time is spent in the dining room.

So, for landlords with two receptions, a living room and a study might be a better configuration than a lounge and diner.

Kitchens are taking over the role of dining rooms.

Not only are they places to cook and eat, says the survey, but kitchens are also somewhere to study or a quiet room to get away from the rest of the family.

Like the dining room, it's not the hub of the house, according to the research, as on average, a family only spends around 11% of their time together in the kitchen.

However, the preference does change with age. Two thirds of 18 to 24 year olds are more likely to spend their time in the kitchen, while those aged 45 to 54 prefer the living room.

The survey is an indicator for landlords wanting to work out the best way to allocate space in a home to attract tenants.

?Knocking through to make a kitchen diner would seem a much better home improvement than making two, smaller and separate rooms,' said a spokesman for the firm.

?Dining rooms are seldom used except for special occasions.?

The survey also disclosed that although many homeowners spend £10,000 or more on extending their property with a conservatory, these are also little-used extra space, which is used for only around 12% of the time a family, is at home.

Other popular improvements are adding an extra bathroom or en suite shower room.


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