Landlords pay damages for unlawful evictions

The courts and a local council are warning landlords about the consequences of unlawful evictions.

Several cases have gone before the courts in recently, resulting in heavy fines and damages.

In Alabbas v Uppelle at Leicester County Court, landlord Ms Uppelle sent four men round to throw out Mr Alabbas after telephoning and threatening to break his legs for complaining to the council about a water leak that led to a ceiling collapsing.

One of the gang was armed with a knife and threatened Mr Alabbas.

He was slightly injured, leaving a small scar on his nose.

As a result of the eviction, he spent 16 days homeless sleeping in doorways and then lived at a hostel for 160 days before finding another home.

The court found in favour of Mr Alabbas and ordered the landlord to pay damages of £34,029.

In Bitan v Holme at Stockport County Court, tenant Mrs Holme complained about leaks, draughts and a poorly fitted window. The landlord failed to rectify the complaints and often telephone the tenant making angry remarks.

Once, two men turned up on the doorstep and threatened to evict Mrs Holmes and her children.

Mrs Holme took the matter to court and the landlord counterclaimed, but this was struck out.

Mrs Holmes was awarded damages of £10,901.

Meanwhile, Carmarthen County Council has warned landlords about the risks of unlawful eviction after a recent prosecution.

Landlord Kevin Rees admitted illegally evicting a tenant from a flat. He was fined £360 with £36 victim surcharge and £600 costs.

?We work closely with landlords to ensure they are aware of the law and the standards expected of them. When these standards are not met, we will ensure tenants are safeguarded' said a council spokesman.

?This recent prosecution sends out a strong message that we do enforce the law, and hopefully it will encourage landlords to think twice before committing acts of this kind.?

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