Landlords and their 'gut feelings' for a good tenant

Landlords trust their judgment as well as references and credit checks when taking on tenants, according to a new survey.

Three out of four landlords confessed they followed their 'gut feeling' when signing a tenancy agreement.

They told researchers BDRC Continental just what they look for in tenants '

  • Open answers to questions ' a big advantage when dealing with 69% of landlords
  • Showing proof of income or benefits ' also cited by 69% of landlords
  • Giving an honest employment history ' a pointer for 62% of landlords
  • Offering references from a previous landlord (62%)
  •  Suggesting the landlord take up employment references (56%)
  •  Passing a credit check (53%)
  • Smart appearance (40%)

Other popular factors looked at by landlords include a clean criminal record, letting agent references and an enthusiasm to rent the home.

The things landlords dislike most about tenants are:

  • Poor references (28%
  • Irregular income (24%)
  • Failed credit checks (18%)

While some felt poor manners (18%) and 'not liking the look of them' (17%) were also put-offs.

The research also revealed tenant demand was up 7% in the three months ending September 30, 2013.

Tenants with dogs are often turned away by landlords (13%), mainly because they believe the property will be damaged (41%) if the pet moves in, will smell (26%) and may annoy the neighbours (22%).

However the strangest request for a pet, according to the researchers, was from a tenant who wanted to keep a horse in the garden ' of a two-up, two down terraced house with a 30 foot long back yard.

One even suggested stabling a horse in the kitchen of another property.

BDRC director Mark Long said: There?s a lot of competition for homes in the private rental market, but our research suggests landlords will try to accommodate requests from tenants where they can. Nowhere is more obvious than with pets.

?But landlords do have to rein in these requests, especially when a tenant wants to keep a horse in a kitchen, which seems a request too far.?

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