Landlord Action evicts 'Dead or Alive' Singer

A bankrupt Pete Burns has been evicted from a distraught landlord?s flat owing £34K.

Paul Shamplina founder of Landlord Action, the landlord?s legal representatives that carried out the evictions, told the Daily Mirror:

?We carried out the eviction this morning, with the bailiffs from the court.

?This has been a complete nightmare for the landlord; he has lost over £34,000 in rent and has suffered a breakdown because of the stress caused by the tenants not paying him the rent and various incidents at the flat, where he?s received numerous complaints.?

Bankrupt Burns the former 'Dead Or Alive' singer was not present when legal representatives from his landlord came to repossess the property with a possession order and eviction warrant.

Burns, who has been declared bankrupt, and his long-term partner Michael Simpson, have reportedly caused the landlord to suffer a breakdown due to the stress of the situation.

Paul Shamplina of London based eviction and debt recovery specialists Landlord Action told the Daily Mirror:

?Unfortunately he was too understanding to Mr Burns' problems which have resulted in him being owed over £34,000 and lost so much time, as well as affecting his own wellbeing.?

?Obviously it's harder for the landlord, as he used to live in the property, so he has an emotional tie to it.

?We are constantly offering advice and educating landlords about their obligations, when they are having to go through the stress of going to court and evicting a tenant.?

According to the Mirror, Burns, who?s best known hit is 'You Spin Me Around?, has remained relatively out of the public eye since appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006.

Following botched surgery on his lips he won £450,000 in 2009 in an out of court settlement. At this time Burns said he was left 'suicidal' by the damage caused to his lips and believes it seriously damaged his career.

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