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So you've decided you need to move house and the sooner the better! Whether it's that new job, moving for a school catchment or because it's time to up or down-size you want to get going with your plans. However, there's a problem... If your house needs repairs it might not be ready to come on the market. Time to think through what needs doing and picture yourself as a buyer.

As a first step make a list of everything that needs doing, right down to that cracked tile in the bathroom. Next rank them in order of how serious they are in the eyes of a buyer. If you were looking at your house what would you really stand out to you, make you reconsider the selling price or put you off altogether? It’s easy to forget about the little niggles you’ve lived with for a few years so maybe ask some friends over for an impartial opinion.

Time for the next step. Do you plan to do the work or hire somebody? If you need quotes for work give us a call and we can recommend some contractors we’ve known and trusted for years. 3 quotes is always sensible and you’ll also have the chance to chat to them about how long the work will take and whether there are any other little jobs they can do at the same time. If you can present your house at its best you’re not giving a buyer any reason to offer less than your asking price.

“So what if I’ve not got the budget or timescale to fix everything?” Time to prioritise. If you can fix some things but not others then look again at the rankings on your list or have a chat with us. Some buyers want the opportunity to put their stamp on a property and a kitchen or bathroom might give them that opportunity. On the other hand a leak that’s been fixed but has left a mark on the ceiling is always worth painting over. You don’t want viewers seeing red flags as soon as they walk through the door. We can help with advice on economical ways to improve your property, just ask!


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