Homemade Halloween Decorations

It’s almost Halloween! A chance to let your spooky side show. The leaves are falling off the trees, the nights are drawing in and it’s cool without being too cold. Halloween is one of the best celebrations of the year and something everyone can join in with.

By making your own homemade Halloween decorations you can get the children involved with creating a creepy Halloween home, with a little imagination and a few old items lying around the house you can create some brilliantly spooky effects.

Here are a few homemade Halloween decorations you might like to try:

Make a Pumpkin Lantern
Pumpkins are on sale at almost every local supermarket and they only cost a couple of pounds. They’re traditional for Halloween celebrations and it’s quite easy to hollow out the pumpkin, cut in the spooky eyes and mouth and light up your lantern with a tea light inside. You can also use the pumpkin flesh to make a delicious pie or even a hearty winter soup or stew. First use a paring knife to remove a circular area around the stalk, keep the “lid” as you may want to place it back once the candle is inside. We recommend you use an ice cream scoop to hollow out the pumpkin. Using a pen draw your scary pumpkin face, you know have a template to cut out using your trusty paring knife. Add your tea light and voila – one scary Pumpkin Lantern!

Homemade Halloween Decorations

Create a Flying Ghost
Homemade Halloween decorations are really fun and here is one that will cause a fright! Time to raid the airing cupboard, we need an old sheet, a black pen or paint and a coat hanger to make up a ghost. Draw on the face and push the top of the hanger through a small hole in the sheet and you’ve got a ghost you can suspend from the stairs or even a tree outside.

The Garden Scarecrow
Scare your trick or treat visitors with a spooky scarecrow. If you’ve got some old clothes and a few lengths of wood, it’s pretty easy to make a scarecrow for the garden – you’re only really limited by your own imagination.

Spider Webs from Bin Bags
You can make a lot of spooky things from bin bags simply by cutting them up into different shapes. As Halloween is synonymous with spider webs, this tutorial from How About Orange will give you some great big spider webs. Once made you can stick them up around the house and when you take them down, just fold them up and keep them for next year.

Tin Can Lanterns
Next time you use a can of beans for the children, wash it and put it to one side for Halloween, rather than recycling (you can do that later). Buy some tea candles and you can quickly make brilliant little lanterns for the home and the garden. All you need to do is punch holes in the can to make designs and you then simply paint it black.

Halloween Costumes
Whether your children are off trick or treating, or you’re going to a party Halloween costumes can be tricky, with a plethora of witches and ghouls around on Halloween it can be hard to find something a little different. With a little imagination and a few things lying around the house, you can create some unusual costumes. Check out these brilliant Halloween costume ideas from Good Housekeeping.

However you plan to spend your Halloween, we wish you the most Spooktacular time, Happy Halloween!
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