Home Decluttering Tips

It can be all too easy to collect and hang onto unused clutter. When your living room seems to have much less room, your spare room is a no-go area and your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, it may just be the right time to take a deep breath and undertake a serious declutter to create more space.

There a number of advantages of decluttering a home:

First, you get rid of all that stuff you really don’t use or need anymore.
Secondly, you’ll feel a great sense of achievement and, in some cases, a deeper feeling of calm.
Finally, you’ll be able to move around better and you’ll certainly have more space to enjoy.
Home Decluttering Tips

Home Decluttering Tips
Decluttering is not as difficult as you think and with a little careful planning you can quickly reduce and recycle while getting back your surprisingly spacious home. You can even help the Christmas fund by selling items online or at a car boot. Here are our quick Home Decluttering tips.

Create a Plan and Prepare
Whether it’s specific areas or just one or two rooms in your home, put together a plan of action. It’s a good option to split clutter into categories – items that are going to go to the charity shop, for instance, things you can sell or those knick-knacks that can be recycled or repurposed. Collect together plenty of storage boxes and bags so you have everything you need. Finally, once you’ve collected enough clutter to give away, make sure you get rid of it, just in case you cave and change your mind.

Check Out Those Clothes
One major area where we often collect too much and don’t throw away is clothing. You can set yourself a rule for tops, dresses, suits and shoes, for instance: If you haven’t worn something for the last couple of years, then it must go.

What about clothes that don’t fit anymore? Do you really need all those accessories that are no longer on trend? There are plenty of ways you can reduce the size of your wardrobe. If you start slow, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to free up some serious space.

Sort the Children’s Toys
For those of us who have children, the next step is to look at the toy box. This really has the potential to grow over the years, so it’s a good idea to have a sift through this at least once a year. Get rid of the toys your children have outgrown and give them to charity or send broken toys to recycling bins. Autumn is a great time of year to clear out all the old toys, after all, they will need the space for all the new gifts from Santa! Of course, you may want to keep certain toys as mementoes – these can be packed away and put in the attic or even framed and hung on the wall.

Don’t Forget the Kitchen
It might be the hub of the home but it’s also one area that can quickly get cluttered. You may have too many pots and pans or a collection of mismatched cups and mugs that have got out of control in recent years. Then there are the plastic containers you have for freezing or storing food which seem to be breeding in the corner of the kitchen but none of the lids seem to fit. Cutting down on clutter in the kitchen can be very therapeutic and you will be able to find the utensil you need without half crawling into cupboards.

When you put your mind to it, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to get rid of old things and create more space in your home. It’s not something you have to do all at once – a little clearing here and there each day can make a big difference.
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