Government heating advice goes cold

Just heating one room to get through the winter is best, according to official advice issued Monday to those struggling to pay their energy bills. But landlords dispute this.

Public Health England, the Local Government Association and NHS England have advised millions of people struggling to pay their energy bills to heat just one room in the day to get through the winter.

The official guidance is telling people to warm the living room and then their bedroom at night ' and use a hot water bottle.

However, landlord groups are saying this advice is irresponsible as not heating rooms creates the conditions that lead to condensation and dangerous black mould in a property.

Commenting on the advice, Tom Entwistle of LandlordZONE® said,

?This really is bad advice as failing to provide adequate heating is quite common in winter and is a major contributor to condensation and dangerous black mould in rental properties.

?Condensation and mould is a major health hazard which occurs when steam produced when cooking, washing and clothes drying hits could surfaces. Adequately heating a house will prevent this.

?Condensation in rental properties creates a particular problem for landlords in winter when tenants fail to provide enough heat in an attempt to save money. This leads to condensation problems, black mould, damp musty clothes in wardrobes and to a deterioration in the fabric of the building.?

?It can also lead to landlords claiming damages from tenants' deposits if condensation is allowed to develop, because it's a condition that becomes persistent if cold conditions are prolonged, leads to decay of the building?s structure and to dry rot in timbers.?

?My advice is to provide back-ground heating to a minimum temperature in all rooms, whilst providing full heating in the main living and sleeping rooms when occupants are present.

?Where the heating system is inadequate or inefficient or there is excessive heat loss through inadequate insulation, the landlord should be informed and the systems brought up to standard.?

Heat Only Your Living Room

Cold Weather Plan for England

... LandlordZONE.

Article courtesy of LandlordZONE
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