Enjoying your outdoor space all year round

As the Autumn months bring colder weather and earlier sunsets, it is often the case that we pack the garden furniture away and put thoughts of spending time in the garden to the back of our mind as we snuggle down in our lovely warm homes. The irony is that many of us spent a lot of time and effort working in our gardens over the lockdown period and it would be a real shame to let that go to waste just because the weather is getting colder. In this article we will look at some ways of enjoying your garden even in the colder months.

Garden Rooms

Perhaps at the top end of the price range, winter garden rooms, such as this one, are a perfect way to be able to enjoy looking at your garden from the warmth of indoors. Made mostly from glass, they allow an unobstructed view out into the garden and in the summer months they can be opened up to the garden.

Outdoor heaters

Outdoor heaters are a great way of ensuring warmth outside over the winter months. There are two main types: Electric and gas

Electric heaters

Electric heaters mostly work by infra-red heating. The advantage of this is that the heater gives direct radiant heat which is almost immediate as it does not have to heat up the surrounding air. Most heaters will come with a normal mains plug but please do not be tempted to simply plug this into an extension lead outside. The safest way is to have a suitably weatherproof external socket professionally installed. Although the heating effect is immediate, the range of heating for electric heaters is limited and it isn’t possible to add too many to one circuit without overloading the fuse for the electrics

Gas Heaters (H2)

Gas heaters are probably more common and typically run from a gas cylinder. These can be large free-standing ones to smaller table mounted heaters. Once they get fully warm gas heaters do generate a lot of heat but, because they have to heat the surrounding air, it can take some time before you feel the benefit of the heater.

Chimineas and fire-pits (H2)

If you are a fan of real fires then why not opt for either a chiminea or a fire pit, both of which burn wood or coals to create the heat and a beautiful flame.

Chimineas are partially enclosed fires which, when it is windy makes them easier to light and less likely to go out. Another benefit is that the body of the chiminea will get hot and provide heat even after the flame has gone out.

Fire Pits are essentially open bowls for burning wood and coal to creating heat. They can also, if you want, double up as a BBQ. Being more open does make them more susceptible to the elements but you can get a great amount of heat from them due to the large bowl.

Gazebos and Awnings 

Rain can often spoil an evening in the garden and, even if you have a good heater, rain will often stop play. Why not look to invest in an awning or gazebo which will protect you from the rain? The advantage of these shelters is that whilst protecting you from the elements they are still open to the garden. It is easy to create a cosy environment under an awning or gazebo by installing an electric heater.

Wind breaks 

If you don’t want to spend large sums of money on awnings or gazebos then a cheaper option is to install wind break areas in your garden. These can be retractable so don’t take up too much space when you are not using them. Although these won’t protect you from rain, they will keep the worst of the wind at bay and, if you have a Fire Pit or a Chiminea, they will protect the flame very effectively

It can be very relaxing to sit out in the winter, with a clear sky simply looking at the stars and pondering the nature of the universe. Hopefully, with these tips you will be able to create a cosy outdoor space, keeping the worst of the weather at bay, so you can enjoy your garden all year round.

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