Dirty homes and unfriendly landlords put off tenants

Unfriendly landlords and moving into dirty properties are the biggest grumbles of Britain?s 8.3 million renters.

Tenants are also worried about high energy bills in properties with a lack of insulation and old boilers.

Disgruntled tenants also claim less than a third of landlords carry out essential gas safety checks every year and nearly 60% of homes do not have smoke or fire alarms.

The figures come from a wide-ranging survey of tenants carried out by landlord insurer Axa.

Although 17% of tenants choose to rent because they like a flexible lifestyle, nearly two-thirds told researchers they want to buy a home but cannot afford to save for a deposit.

When asked how they choose a home to rent, the deciding factor was the size of rooms, followed by the rent and location.

Having a garden was important to 35% and a garage to 25%.

On moving in, 38% said their biggest complaint was cleaning up after the previous tenant, while 20% disliked peeling paintwork or brash colour schemes.

One in six tenants was put off renting a home by an unfriendly landlord.

Almost a fifth of tenants claimed their landlords failed to carry out routine maintenance, including:

  • 60% of buy to let homes have no carbon monoxide alarm
  • 60% of tenants said their landlords failed to arrange an annual gas inspection
  • 58% of rented homes do not have a fire alarm
  • 73% of rented homes lack security, such as window locks

Darrell Sansom, managing director of AXA Business Insurance, said: 'It?s easy to present greedy landlords on the one side and resentful tenants on the other ' that?s certainly been the stereotype. However, we?ve found that their attitude to their landlords is largely positive, indicating that the problems aren?t caused so much by a bad attitude on either side, but just poor awareness of who is responsible for what.

?Keeping an eye on your property must come first. We know that a third of landlords never visit their rental properties after a tenant moves in, and quarterly checks are only conducted by less than a fifth.

?Too many landlords are leaving themselves open to serious property risks and even prosecution by not maintaining adequate fire and gas safety measures. '

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Article courtesy of LandlordZONE
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