Delicious Modern Wall Art

Having a strong focal point for a room can be a great way to introduce character and style to your home. There’s some delicious modern wall art this season, that doesn’t require a mansion to hang it in or an overdraft to pay for it. You can go the whole hog with a magnificent full wall hanging or opt for something small, tasteful and discrete. The choice is entirely up to you.

Modern wall art is a great way to theme each room. Here are just a few suggestions you might like to try.

Delicious Modern Wall Art

The Living Room
While the TV is generally the focal point of most living rooms, you can still make a bold statement with a stunning piece displayed on the opposite wall. 3D art and multipiece canvases are very popular and a good choice if you want to go for something abstract. Wayfair have some stunning elegant triptychs like this silver one, that look great on the wall opposite your TV, adding a new, elegant focal point to the room.

The Kitchen
Kitchens are the prime location for some culinary themed art and there are plenty of choices, from wall ornaments to rustic style signs for various food products. You can easily create a distinctive environment with some metal vintage signs and old advertising posters. It’s also a great place to put up quirky wall stickers both small and large – we particularly liked this word art from Icon Wall Stickers.

The Bedroom
You may want to create a bedroom space that looks and feels relaxing. The major stores such as John Lewis, M&S, and Next have sections with wide ranges of wall art if you want to get out and about on the high street for a browse. The bedroom gives you a chance to be more individualistic and creative – it’s a personal space and if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, have a look at this stunning Watercolour print of Venice from Maps International.

For those that have great wallpapering skills, there’s also the option to cover whole walls with brilliant art. are a good source but be aware – the art comes in wallpaper strips and needs to be put up professionally which can add to the cost.

The Children’s Room
There are a whole host of different options to decorate children’s bedrooms with all sorts of wall art. The biggest problem you’ll have is choosing between all the funky designs. From cheeky giraffes, fanciful fairies and dangerous dragons to bright woodland scenes. There’s a whole host of wall stickers that you can try. A site like Not On The Highstreet has a pretty large range and something for all tastes.

If you’ve got older children or teenagers who want to design their own rooms, a visit to the Poster Lounge will give them loads of ideas.

Not a known focal point for displaying our favourite art, but a blank and empty stairway can be transformed into a masterpiece, have a look at this very unusual hand painted dragon mural we spotted on Pinterest. Not your cup of tea? Why not add your own personality with a bespoke mural from a local artist.

There are hundreds if not thousands of options to find some delicious wall art for your home. Art is very much about personal taste and what strikes a chord with you. Whether you’ve got a small space or a large room to personalise, creating a focal point with stunning wall art is key to creating the right ambience. Get imaginative, use a large single piece, multiple pieces with varying sized frames, try canvasses, oil paintings, murals, wall stickers, wallpapers, tapestries, vintage signs and modern art to find what works for you and your space
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