Beautiful Baths

The bathroom is probably one of the areas of the home we like to get just right. Whether you prefer to lounge in a luxurious bathtub while listening to your favourite music or you’re the type that prefers a quick shower before work, there are certainly plenty of ablution options to choose from.

We take a closer look at which baths are perfect for your next redesign. There’s something to fit almost any kind of space, big or small, and any budget.

Choosing the Material of your Bath

There are several options when it comes to what your bath is made of and they can vary quite a lot in price.

Cast iron, for example, is very durable and certainly built to last, but is often expensive. It will look fantastic should you want to add some luxury into your bathroom design.

If you are happy to spend a little bit more than average for your bathtub, you might want to look at roll top cast iron bath designs such as available from The Salcombe by the Cast Iron Bath Company.  Other high end bath materials include copper over cast iron which can look fantastic but does require regular upkeep and maintenance to keep it looking as good as new.

For those who aren’t too bothered about base materials, the other choices are enamel on steel which is vary hardwearing and comes in some attractive designs as well as the more common fibreglass or acrylic.

A lot is going to depend on the amount of space that you have available in your bathroom. Most homes have a standard size, functional bathtub. That doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style and design.

Standard Baths

Aesthetically pleasing tubs have become much more affordable and they include ranges of rectangular and shower baths that can fit almost any space. Companies such as Victorian Plumbing offer a range of great looking standard baths at very reasonable prices

Free Standing Baths

Free standing baths are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for bathrooms where there is a good deal of space. There’s something decadent about a bath that stands on its own and there are plenty of traditional and contemporary designs to choose from. Companies like Soak have a strong range of striking bathtubs that will add the right opulence to your bathing experience.

Corner Baths

Of course, many home owners seek something a little out of the ordinary. Bathroom City offer a wide range of a highly affordable corner baths that add a whole new dimension.

Spa Baths

Searching for that home spa experience? You won’t be disappointed with a Jacuzzi they turn your bath time into something really relaxing with their range of whirlpool baths. Just sit back and have the water massage your tired body after a hard day’s work.

Accessible Baths

You may also want your bath to be a little more functional rather than simply look the part. If you have accessibility issues, a walk in bath may be top of your list. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style either. The range from Premier Bathrooms will certainly add some panache to your bathroom while still delivering on functionality.

Shop around and you’ll find that there’s a bath to suit practically any requirement, budget and size of room. There is a lot of choice and it’s far easier to create a relaxing bathing experience that looks stylish and elegant. Now all you need to decide is which book you’ll read whilst you’re in there. And realx!

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