Beating The Winter Blues

While it’s been a mild winter to date, it is set to get colder as we head into end of January and into February. With Yuletide festivities over and the bank statements hitting our door mats, finding ways to beat those winter blues that won’t cost a lot of money can be challenging.

Here are a few tips to boost your morale and get you feeling a little perkier, that won’t break the bank:

Visit a Museum

Museums are generally low cost and some local ones are even free to visit and there are more of them than you think. Giving your grey cells a little boost with some local culture and history will certainly make you feel you’ve achieved something.

A visit to your local museum will not only get you out of the house on a cold day but may well inspire you to do different things. You’ll also be supporting the local community and, if you take a friend or your family, you’ll find some interesting talking points to chase away those Winter blues.

Find museums in your local area here.

Head for a Country Walk

A free pastime that is guaranteed to blow away the cobwebs, is the traditional walk in the country. Even if you live in a large town or city, there will be parks and green spaces nearby to explore.

Winter time is a beautiful season, put on a warm pair of socks, strap on some hardy boots and get out and appreciate our unique countryside. The exercise will boost your energy levels and the fresh air will clear your lungs – perfect if, like us, you’ve over-indulged during the Christmas period.

Wear Bright Colours

It doesn’t have to be all about getting off the sofa and being active. When the sky is grey and the rain or snow is coming down outside, why not swap your conventional, dark Winter clothes for some brighter ones. You’ll not only perk up the world around you, you’ll make yourself feel better too.

Have A Themed Film Night

Get some friends around for the evening or gather the family together for a themed film night. This is where you binge on movies or box sets from a particular genre. If you want to spice things up, make it fancy dress too. Fancy a Star Wars themed night anyone? Wine and chocolates are an optional extra!

Give Yourself Some Pampering

There are plenty of cost effective and easy ways to give yourself a little bit of a pamper over the Winter months. Settle down in front of the living room fire with a good book and a blanket. Or turn up the central heating and pour yourself a luxurious hot bath with candles. If you’re still feeling flush after Christmas, why not book yourself into a spa for a couple of hours? After the hustle and bustle of Christmas you really deserve some time out. Taking care of your wellbeing and giving yourself some “me time” will make you feel renewed!

Do Something New

Finally, if you really want to chase away those Winter blues, one thing that is guaranteed to give you a lift is doing something new. During the colder months, we can often get stuck into the same old routine. To get yourself out of a rut you might like to take up a new hobby or interest. Maybe you want to start a craft, learn a new instrument or language. Whatever it is, you’re guaranteed to lift your mood when you are engaging in new activities and stimulating your brain.

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