9 Unusual Kitchen Gadgets

The kitchen is often seen as the beating heart of the household. It’s the place the entire family congregates. Of course, preparing food is one of the most important tasks of the day and any way that you can find to lighten the load and speed up cooking time is going to be a godsend for any busy household.

Here’s a quick list of some funky gadgets designed to bring new life to your kitchen duties:

Space Saving Utensils
If you have a small or busy kitchen, the Nest Utensil Store from Joseph Joseph is a great space saving choice. It consists of 5 common tools including a spatula and slotted spoon that nestle against each other perfectly and can be fitted to the wall. No more searching around in drawers for what you need, they’re right there at your fingertips.

Steel Food Mill
If you’re keen on making sauces, hankered after the tasty soups or simply want to make perfectly smooth mash potato, you don’t want to have to get the electric blender out each time. This Steel Food Mill from Lakeland is hand cranked and a great sauce making or pureeing solution that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Garlic Twist Cross Cutter
If you regularly use garlic in your cooking and want to speed the prep time up without buying the ready-prepared products, this neat little gadget from the Garlic Farm is just the thing. It can peel and mince garlic to perfection with just a little effort on your part. And it’s not as difficult to clean as those hand-held garlic presses.

Splash Chopping Board
If you want an interesting and fun worktop saver come chopping board, this novelty offering from the Kitchen Gift Company certainly makes an impression. It looks like a splash of red sauce, dripping over the side of your counter. Not just a novelty it is a good chopping surface, practical and fun.

Kitchen Conversions Wood Chopping Board
Speaking of practical, for those of us into baking and are forever having to look up conversion tables, you can get the ideal solution combined with a chopping board with this item from Find Me A Gift. And if you don’t want to use it to dice your vegetables, you can attach it to the wall by the kitchen counter. The conversions are listed in bold black type on a rustic looking hardwood surface no more frustrated searching the internet midway through a recipe.

Bicycle Pizza Cutter
Of course, the whole family loves pizza and you can add more fun to Pizza Night with this brilliant bicycle pizza cutter from Oliver Bonas. Available in pink or yellow, it makes short work of even the thickest crust. It’s a great present if you have a cycle enthusiast in your midst, of course they will need a 5-mile ride to burn off all those naughty pizza calories afterwards.

Mastrad Spoon Thermometer
Want to make sure your stew is hot enough, test the temperature of your jam or check if your soup is ready? Then this handy gadget from Mastrad of Paris is for you. It’s a thermometer in a ladle with an easy to read digital display at the top of the handle, now that is handy.

SMART Margarito Pro Margarita & Slush Machine
Who doesn’t love a relaxing margarita? But crushing all that ice can be a bit of a bind. If you want the perfect cocktail for your party, then this gadget from SMART is all you’re going to need. And when you’re not partying, it’s ideal for making fruit slushes for the children.

Dinosaur Bottle Opener
Our final funky find; a Dinosaur Bottle Opener, what else? It can be annoying rummaging through the cutlery drawer looking for that elusive bottle opener. With this brilliant dinosaur bottle opener you’ll never have that problem again. Sit it on top of the fridge or on a work surface and you’re ready to go.

We hope you enjoyed our 9 Unusual Kitchen Gadgets, there are lots more funky gadgets out there, all designed to make kitchen life quicker, easier and a lot more fun!
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