9 Summer Home Trends

Summer is a great time to have tidy up, declutter all the rooms and get the home spick and span for the approaching warmer months. It’s also a good moment to look at refreshing certain areas of your home.

In this article we take a look at what’s hot in the stores at the moment should you want to add some extra style to your home décor.

9 Summer Home Trends
1. Fake Plants
While they might not be top of your list, fake plants are becoming something of a thing for many households. Better, more natural designs are one reason why. The other reason is that you have  great looking foliage that never needs to be watered. Check out this range of faux firs from Audenza.

2. Furniture Trends
It seems that the old-fashioned look for furniture is on the comeback. Stores like Marks and Spencer’s are looking at vintage greens and greys for their sofa and armchair ranges. If you prefer something more modern, however, that’s all the rage too with a host of brighter coloured and more contemporaneous designs to choose from.

3. Macramé is In
The popularity of hanging mirrors and pictures from the wall to add some style to a living room or bedroom is being replaced by other wall hangings. Think macramé and tassels rather than flat images and you won’t be far off the mark. Plant hangers, in particular, are going to be popular this Summer.

4. Lighting Goes Retro
If you want to change your lighting fixtures and keep up with the latest styles, the trick is to go a little retro. It’s less about being ostentatious as it is going for the understated and slightly 60s fashion of clean, simple lines. Despite that, golds and silvers are also back in for the Season and there are plenty of choices out there from companies such as Swoon Editions.

5. Colour That Stands Out
While some might be going for retro styles and subtle greys this Summer, there’s also room to make your spaces pop with high intensity colours. According to Amara, mixing and matching patterns is going to be another key décor decision for many households that want to remain chic and trendy over the next few months.

6. Rugs are Still Good
If you’re looking to spruce up a dull room or change your décor on a budget, then laying a nice rug will certainly help. There are hundreds if not thousands of different styles online to choose from. Whether you love traditional Chinese prints, something from Mexico, bold geometric shapes or colourful and bohemian, there are no end of designs to take your fancy. House of Fraser has a large range of colourful and interesting rugs to choose from.

7. Summer Kitchens
Matching accessories is the order of the day for your kitchen this Season. That could mean a whole new set of wooden utensils, pots and plates that stand out from the usual. Kettles, toasters and coffee machines from the same designer and in the same colour are de rigueur. Stores like Dunelm are producing ranges of utensils and other accessories so you can make sure everything is colour coordinated.

8. Big, Arty Wallpapers
Wall art is becoming increasingly popular and can look absolutely stunning if you choose the right image. The panels are put up like wallpaper and can fill large spaces, essentially creating a compelling focal point in any room. Take a look at these examples from Wall-Art.com.

9. Bathroom Designs
Of course, no Summer list could be complete without something for the bathroom. According to Grand Designs, standalone baths are making a big comeback and if you have a big enough space, they’re certainly worth a look at. Moving away from traditional tiles is also another trend to watch out for. Wood effect looks are in and adding colour where you can is a definitive way to add some style.

However you choose to brighten up your home, don’t forget to get out there and enjoy the weather, whilst it lasts!
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