7 Summer DIY Hacks

Summer is a good time to start those important DIY projects – the weather’s warmer and people generally feel a lot more energetic. Whether you’re a novice or an expert home improver, here are some simple hacks that could make life a little easier for you.

1.     Keeping Paint Trays Clean

When you’re a regular painter, you’ll probably be able to count the number of times you’ve let paint dry in the tray and then spent quite a bit of time trying to get it off. To save doing this or buying a new tray, wrap it in tin foil before you start. That way, all you have to do is lift the foil out once you’ve finished.

2.    Use a W Action

Staying on painting, if you want to get more coverage on a wall, making a W movement across it. What this means is you’ll cover the whole area and it will take you less time and less paint. Check out how to paint a wall properly here.

3.    Look After Your Brushes

There are a couple of hacks for keeping your brushes in tip top condition. The first is to soak them in fabric conditioner after you’ve finished. The other is to use something like white wine vinegar. Both of these are probably already in your home and cheaper than the shop bought sometime abrasive alternatives.

4.   White Vinegar

White vinegar is also a useful thing if you are painting an outside wall. Brushing it on before you start painting will mean that your work lasts longer and won’t be so liable to cracking or flaking.

5.    Drilling Without Mess

If you need to drill a hole and you don’t want to sweep up the mess, there’s a simple solution. Get a post it note, fold it in two and stick it beneath where you want to drill. It catches all the dust and leaves no mess.

6.   Wallpapering Made Easy

Measure and cut all your sections of wallpaper before you actually start. This way you can whizz through the gluing and putting up without having to stop. Use a paint roller rather than a sponge to apply the glue and things will move even quicker.

7.    Putting Things Back Together

Finally, if you need to dismantle something to do some DIY and it’s complicated, try using your smartphone. Taking pictures is the quick and easy way to remind yourself how things fit back together again.

We hope these DIY hacks help to make your projects a little easier, last longer and end up a little less frustrating.

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