5 Plants for Gardening Beginners

On the surface, gardening looks like a great pastime to get involved in. You’re out in the fresh air, doing something natural and helping the environment for a start. But it can be difficult getting started if you are a novice.

Choosing the right plants is key, for a start, particularly if you want to see those glorious blooms coming out over the summer.

The good news is there are quite a few plant varieties that are easy to plant and grow under most conditions and which are brilliant for beginners. A little bit of research here and there goes a long way to creating a garden that is full of colour.

Here are just a few options you should consider.

Create a Herb Garden
5 Plants for Gardening BeginnersHerbs are relatively easy to grow though you may have success with some varieties rather than others depending on your soil and location. Rosemary is particularly hardy and can often be left to its own devices – the only thing you need to be careful about is not over watering. Once a rosemary bush takes hold it can grow quite large and will then require cutting back every so often.

Other varieties such as chives, thyme and parsley are also good options but need a relatively sunny space and are often better in pots rather than planted in the garden. You can also grow these indoors if you have a well-placed kitchen window.

Go Wild
5 Plants for Gardening BeginnersThere’s been much said about helping the environment by attracting more bees and butterflies into the garden. A selection of wild flower seeds will certainly help achieve this and are easy to plant and grow. They can look quite stunning once they start to emerge over the summer months. Planting is usually done from seed around April and May and all you need to do is follow the packet instructions, make sure you water regularly and add in a good plant feed about once a week.

Honeysuckle Success
5 Plants for Gardening BeginnersIf you want a plant that is likely to grow and thrive over several years, honeysuckle is a popular choice and it’s also a big favourite with bees and other insects. The flowers are bright and fragrant and you can expect to have plenty of colour throughout the year. It’s a great plant for trailing up walls or around trellises and arches and widely available from most garden centres.


Plant a Fruit Tree
5 Plants for Gardening BeginnersFor those who want to cultivate their own fruit, planting a tree is a lot easier than you think. You can buy saplings from most outlets including garden centres and even supermarkets nowadays. The demanding work is in digging the hole for your plant. You also need to be aware of where you are planting as the tree is obviously going to grow over the years, down as well as up. If you don’t fancy a full-sized apple tree in your garden, you can go for dwarf varieties which are designed to be planted in large pots.


Beautiful Buddleja
5 Plants for Gardening BeginnersFor sheer colour and ease of planting, Buddleja is a flowering shrub that is also low maintenance. The thick swathes of flowers during the spring and summer months can add plenty of character to your garden. You can get a wide range of varieties in gorgeous blues and violets, pinks and reds. All you need to do is make sure you prune the plants back at the beginning of spring – don’t worry, they recover very quickly and will soon be in full bloom.

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