10 Things We Keep Putting Off

We all have a habit of putting certain things off. From those jobs that need doing around the house, to making our last will and testament, it seems we can always find other, more important things to do.

10 Things We Keep Putting Off

Here’s our quick list of the most common tasks we Brits tend to put off more than most:

Cleaning the Oven
Let’s face it, no one likes cleaning the oven. The trouble is, the longer we leave it the worse things get. If only we got into the habit of giving the oven a wipe down every so often when you first had it installed. Most of us, however, leave it until the dirt and grease has become ingrained and is very difficult to shift. Go on bite the bullet, get the oven cleaners in.

Making a Will
None of us really want to think about when we’re no longer here. Whether you’re in your twenties or heading into your twilight years, it’s a good idea to make a will. Why? It ensures that your assets go to the right people and it means that your loved ones aren’t tied up with legal matters once you pass away.

Changing Your Passwords
Online security is important but it can be something that we all too often park on the back burner, particularly when it comes to creating secure passwords or updating them. You should make sure that you change your password every so often to keep it secure. Of course creating a “secure” password we can remember is no mean feat!

Finishing the DIY
Apparently, we’re great at starting DIY projects in the UK. Unfortunately, we’re not so good at finishing them off. If you’re sitting in a home where one of your walls has dabs of filler in it or you have half assembled projects in the garage or shed then you fit into this category.

Going to the Doctor
Despite the NHS being so overworked, many of us are quite poor at getting the proper medical advice when we need it. This applies particularly to men who are far less likely to book an appointment with their local GP than women. That means potential problems can go undetected and illnesses get worse.

Paying the Bills
Hands up all those who remember waiting for the “red bill” before paying a household bill. We’re more likely to defer something like a utility or telephone bill when it suits us. Putting it off, however, can build up debt and impact on your credit rating.

Visiting the Family
We can also be rather lax at staying in touch with family and old friends. Gathering the energy to either pick up the phone or pay a personal visit seems to be a chore for many people. Guilty!

Saving Money for the Future
Putting money aside for a rainy day can prove difficult and there are plenty of people in UK who don’t even have an adequate pension. We all know it’s a good idea but actually getting down to it can be harder than we think. A great tip is to arrange with your bank a separate savings account and set up a standing order to transfer a regular amount, that way you don’t even have to think about it!

Switching Utility Providers
We’re told to do it because it will save us money. But many people in the UK have never switched energy providers. According to the Energy Advisory Service, it can save you hundreds of pounds a year and is relatively simple to do. So why don’t we?

Having a Clear Out
Finally, one other thing that we Brits keep putting off is decluttering the home. We let stuff build up and only tackle it when we absolutely have to. Decluttering will release extra space and you can even earn you a little extra money by selling off your old possessions.

Our lives are busy, work, family, friends, hobbies, it can be hard to find the time to tick some of these items off. One way to clear through this kind of to do list is to set aside a couple of hours a month, dedicated to ticking off items from our “should do” list. Give it a go, see if it helps!
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