Pav RomanayValuation Manager

Pav has been in Estate Agency for best part of twelve years. Over the years he has progressed within the industry, and when Northwood came into Maidenhead he became part of the launch team and ensured Northwood was able to set foot into Maidenhead in a seamless and smooth manner. Pav is Maidenhead through and through. He lives in Maidenhead and was educated at the Desborough College in Maidenhead before going on to complete his Honours Degree in University of Westminster. It would be an understatement to say Pav is a 'property professional' - it is fair to say he lives and breathes it and knows the Maidenhead property market like the back of his hand. His knowledge of the Maidenhead market is second to none. Above all - Pav is passionate about delivering highest levels of customer service. Nothing gives him greater satisfaction than a happy client.