Renting with a pet

The PDSA estimates 50% of adults in the UK own a pet: nearly 11 million own a cat, 10 million a dog and nearly 1 million rabbits. Yet, according to the government, only around 7% of landlords advertise homes as suitable for pets*.

Some landlords are happy to accept tenants with pets, as pet-owners usually stay longer and may even pay more rent per month to reimburse any damage or increased wear and tear. Landlords who are nervous about pets may have had a bad experience before, or think that a pet increases the risk of property damage.

At Northwood we’re a pet-friendly agency and we like working with landlords, tenants and their pets to find a happy solution for everyone. Don’t forget, our Northwood Guaranteed Rent Scheme ensures that whatever happens during the tenancy, you still receive your rent as your monthly income is guaranteed*.

Here are the main ways of protecting your property while offering properties to people with pets.

Cover any unexpected costs from tenants who have pets

There are lots of ways of making sure tenants with pets don’t cost any more money than any other tenants. Some landlords charge extra rent every
month, contracts can include clauses which require the property to be returned to you in the same condition as at the start of the tenancy and we will help enforce that
for you at the end of the tenancy.

Pet references

We reference tenants very carefully, so why not their pets too? Wondering what a pet reference involves? If a person has rented before, we can contact the previous
landlord, asking if there were issues such as property damage or noise problems, and confirm which pets they had – in case more have been added!

Another option is a vet reference. Caring pet owners can ask their vet for a reference to confirm they are a responsible pet owner, the pet is well behaved and has routine health care checks, including vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

How do you make sure your property is safe?

With over 20,000 landlords nationwide who trust us to let their properties, we know an essential part of letting to tenants are our property inspections. These might
sound onerous, but they really are as important to the tenant as they are to you, the landlord.

For one thing, it’s a chance for us to make sure the tenant is happy. They can raise any maintenance issues early and importantly, if they have pets, we can check
the property is being well looked after and meet the pet in person!

We carry out inspections regularly (depending on the service option you’ve chosen) so you can rest assured your tenant, their pets and your property are being
cared for. We look after your property as if it were our own.

Keen to secure Guaranteed Rent but worry about letting to tenants with pets?

Do come and talk to us. We have successfully let many properties to tenants with pets. We provide a hassle- free, risk-free service to our landlords that aims to take
the day-to-day grind out of letting your property. Our Guaranteed Rent Service provides assured monthly income to our more than 20,000 landlords across
the UK and we’re a founder firm of the SAFEagent initiatives. We’re also members of the Property Ombudsman, so in the unlikely event that you’re
unhappy, it’s easy and free of charge for you to follow up.