Planning to buy or sell a home?

How long will it take?

There are true horror stories about house moving, whether it’s properties sticking on the market, or post-offer sales falling through. If you’re buying or selling through Northwood, we recognise no two sales or purchases are the same. That’s why we offer a customised approach to meet your timescales, not those set by others.

The key to meeting the desired timescales is understanding early on in the process what is required by when, for both buyers and sellers. We can then help provide information asked for by agents, lenders, legal companies and surveyors as early as possible.

When you sell or buy through Northwood, we provide precisely the service you ask us for. From updating you at every stage in the process, to organising your sale
and purchase with minimum bother, we’ll make sure you don’t have to worry.

When buying and selling there are three sets of timings which need tracking:-

This can happen fast. Within days of your local Northwood agent visiting your property or organising a contactless valuation, your property can be on the market. We typically visit within a day or two of your call, and take pictures and video viewings while carrying out our value assessment. In just more than one day, we can confirm our recommendations for your property.

Once you have chosen Northwood to sell your home, and signed the terms and conditions, we’ll order an Energy Performance Certificate (if you don’t have one) and start marketing your property the next day. Time from valuation to marketing your property is generally given in working days, including Saturdays

We’ll price your property at a level we know potential buyers are willing to pay. This means recognising the price ranges people search for on the portals, and understanding what causes variations in pricing, for example, location or the
property’s condition.

We pride ourselves on achieving the correct price for our clients’ properties, so you should receive an offer within six to eight weeks.

Having a good, proactive agent and legal company, and having all the information needed to hand as a buyer and/or seller, can result in the purchase and sale going through within six to eight weeks.

Information required includes proving your identity, providing evidence of where deposit monies come from, through to warranties and guarantees for works on your own home and, if buying, ensuring the searches for your new home are paid for and ordered within days, not weeks.

Once you have exchanged, it typically takes two weeks to complete, although during Covid-19 some agents and legal companies are recommending same-day exchange and completion.

The faster the process from offer to completion, the more likely your sale and purchase will go through.
Time from offer to exchange and completion: six to eight weeks.

Typical time taken to buy and sell through Northwood is 50 days, less than the national average of six months.

Talk to us. We’ll do everything we can to value and start marketing your property legally, safely and as fast as
possible. Advertised at the right price, viewings should begin quickly, and we’ll aim to find a buyer who meets your deadlines. With a good agent and legal company by your side, as long as we have the information we need from you (which we help you to secure), we’ll move you when you need.