Great Gift Ideas for Pets

Christmas, the time of year we lavish gifts on our loved ones. In recent years our pets also receive special treatment and if they have been particularly good, they too can expect a visit from Santa Paws! If you’re looking to pamper your pooch or coddle your cat there are some wonderful gift ideas around this year!

We’ve been trawling the web for some of the funkiest and fun gift suggestions for your beloved four-legged companions. There’s something out there for everyone!

Great Gift Ideas for Pets

Pet Treat Jars
With the rise in cottage industries and on demand printing processes, you can now get some beautiful creations with your pet’s name on it, including these quirky personalised treat jars we spotted Personalised Pet Treat Storage Jar from JG Artwork.

Collars and Leads
If you want your dog to stand out from the crowd the next time you go for a walk, Ditsy Pet provides a wide range of bright and colourful collars and leads. All are handmade and come in a wide variety of natural fabrics and quirky designs. They also cover a neat array of festive feline collars that will certainly make kitty king of the cat walk this New Year.

Christmas Toys
Of course, you want your pooch to get into the festive spirit with you and a gift with a Santa theme is perfect. Most online shops, local stores and manufacturers are getting into the Yuletide spirit and Muddy Paws is no exception. Tantalise your dog with a squeaking reindeer or a rope snowman to give them hours of fun.

Cats are a little more discerning in their preferences, as any owner will tell you, but there’s plenty to choose from including Christmas pudding shaped toys with a hint of catnip and the odd festive bed here and there. Check out these quirky Christmas cat toys from Pet Planet.

High End Pet Christmas Toys
If you don’t want to get your pet the usual fayre for Christmas, those willing to spend a little more money will find there’s plenty on offer. For instance, you can get automatic ball launchers that will keep your dog happy for hours for a little over £100. We all know that cats love to sleep, and they usually have a number of favourite places to settle down. For those who want a designer bed for kitty, there’s the MiaCara Covo Cat Bed, a snip at just under £450. And, if you want to hit the height of opulence, you can choose handmade Diamonique encrusted collars and leads, ranging from £150 to quite a bit more, all from Diamond Dogs.

Green Christmas Pet Gifts
More and more of us nowadays are getting choosy about where we buy from, wanting to ensure that sustainability has been a factor in the manufacture of our purchases. For those who want pet gifts that have plenty of green credentials, there are lots of options. Green & Wilds focus on natural pet products and accessories including rope chews and toys made from recycled materials. If you want ethically produced tasty treats for your pooch or cat this Christmas, companies like Green Tulip certainly fit the bill and have a delicious range.

However you choose to spoil your fur baby, please make sure you buy from a reputable source, just like buying for friends and family, you don’t want to give a gift that falls apart in the first 5 minutes. A great way to check for reliability if you order online, is to scan through reviews, most online retailers stringent review processes, it is worthwhile taking a few extra seconds, to avoid disappointment on the big day.””