Can a garden shed really add value to your home?

In Britain, there is nothing we love more than an evening in the garden, perhaps with a glass of wine and a few friends. We’ve increasingly begun to enjoy our gardens in recent years, with 37% of us spending more time in our garden than we did five years ago, but how is this reflected when it comes to value?

A recent study, as reported on PropertyWire, shows that a garden with the right features can increase the value of a property by up to 20%. Garden sheds came out right at the top of desirable features of those surveyed with 82% agreeing that a decent sized garden shed added value. Having a well-laid patio and paving came second with 76% followed by having good, secure fencing, walls and gates at 72%.

With the ever-increasing need for more space, the British Shed can be used for so much more than storing the lawnmower and garden tools. In fact, many writers have found inspiration at the bottom of their gardens, with Roald Dahl, Louise de Bernieres, Dylan Thomas and Ernest Hemingway all reportedly writing great masterpieces from their sheds.

There are many uses for the humble garden shed, dependant on size of course. Often seen as ‘man territory’, many use the shed as a ‘man-cave’ for tinkering with machinery or just a place to sit with a good book or newspaper. Ben Fogle wrote about his craving for a shed of his own in an article for The Telegraph.

Another common use is to use the shed as a home office. Useful for differentiating between work and home life. With a bit of imagination, a shed can also be made into an awesome playroom/den for kids. Get them involved in making it into a life-size playhouse, and they will be entertained for hours!

Even the smallest of sheds can be converted into an outdoor bar. Perfect for those who do a lot of entertaining, or just prefer not to have make the trek inside to get a cold beer on a warm summer evening.

Whatever the use, from the smallest to a fully kitted out home office, a British Garden Shed can definitely add some value and appeal 
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