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Damage vs Wear and Tear

When it comes to renting out a property, one of the biggest concerns landlords have is the condition of the property. Thats understandable really, its probably the most expensive asset you own, and you want to make sure its taken care of and retains its value.

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What Makes A Good Landlord (According to Tenants)

When it comes to renting out a property, there are hundreds of things you need to think about. But in amongst all of the logistical and legal issues is perhaps the most important how do you make sure youre a good landlord?

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What Landlords Should Look For In A Letting Agent

If youre a new landlord looking to rent out a property for the first time, you might be feeling a little daunted by just how much there is to do.

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3 Things To Ask At Every Property Viewing

When youre looking to buy a house, its very easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff you have to remember.

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Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

Have you spent this winter in hibernation mode? Dont worry I think most of us have!

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Guaranteed Rent A Landlords Best Friend

Here at Northwood, we believe in consistency and protecting your livelihood, and that means ensuring we find good tenants for your property and making sure you will always be generating a return. Thats why we created the Guaranteed Rent Service, where Northwood becomes your tenant, providing you with a fixed monthly income even if your property is empty.

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Checklist for Beginner Landlords Part 2

Hello and welcome back to our blog series for beginner landlords. After all, everyone starts somewhere, and sometimes you might need a little support. This series is designed to give first-time landlords a head start, by helping you understand what you need to know about being a landlord, and some things you need to get sorted before your first tenant sets foot in your property.

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Checklist for Beginner Landlords Part 1

weve put together this basic checklist, which covers the things you need to get done before you open your doors to new tenants. Theres a lot to cover here, so weve split it into 2 posts to make it a little easier to read!

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7 Staging Tips to Make Buyers Fall in Love with Your Home

The effort you put into staging your property can actually have a massive impact on not only how quickly you sell, but how much you sell it for as well. And if that wasnt enough buyers really like it when you stage your house!

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