What type of landlord are you?

At Northwood we are proud to offer landlords a range of different lettings services.  Choosing the type of letting service that’s right for you depends on the level of risk and involvement that you want to be in the management of your property.

The 2 minute quiz below is a light-hearted way to help you consider what level of service might best suit your needs.

We offer a full range of letting service options to meet your individual landlord needs.

Guaranteed Rent

Guaranteed Rent is the ideal ‘let and forget’ letting service for busy landlords who want neither the hassle nor the risks normally associated with a rental property. We take full responsibility for managing tenancy but can also guarantee that the landlord will be paid the full rental income each and every month regardless of whether there is a tenant in the property.

Fully Managed

The Fully Managed service is perfect for landlords who are happy to accept the typical risks associated with being a landlord but not the day to day responsibilities.  We help find the right tenant and then manage all aspects of the tenancy on an ongoing basis.

Rent Collection

The Rent Collection service suits landlords who are comfortable managing the property and tenancy themselves. We find a suitable tenant and take responsibility for the collection of the rent but any tenant queries or issues are handled directly by you the landlord.

Tenant Find

This service is for landlords who want to be completely hands-on with managing their rental property. We will take responsibility for finding the right tenant and then moving them in to the property at which point the landlord has completed control of the tenancy.

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