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We guarantee to pay your rent on time, every month. Even if your property is empty.


On the Guaranteed Rent Scheme, you get:

A guaranteed monthly income from your property.
A guarantee that we will ensure you comply with all current legal obligations.
A guarantee that we will handle all day-to-day landlord duties.
A guarantee that we will look after your property, properly.

What you need to do next

If the Guaranteed Rent Scheme sounds like the solution for you, then you just need to talk to your local Northwood team. They are all friendly and know their stuff- and can’t wait to help get you started. Alternatively, you can fill in your contact details and one of our team will get in touch to explain the finer details and book a free market-appraisal. Don't worry - we don't believe in hard sales tactics.

Guaranteed Rent enquiry


You can do this by finding your local Northwood office number here
If you want to find out more about the Guaranteed Rent Scheme online, why not use our chat tool to speak to a member of our team.


How does the Scheme work?


The Guaranteed Rent Scheme is far more than just rent insurance. This is a guarantee that we will pay your rent on the same day, every month; even if there are months where your property is empty.


Under the scheme, we effectively become your tenants, which means we take the financial risk of paying your rent every month on ourselves. Because we work this way, it is in our interest to find you, great tenants, to manage them well and to look after your property. It’s this investment in your property which makes the Guaranteed Rent Scheme unique in the market.


We are:


The UK’s leading provider of Guaranteed Rent since 1995.

Currently providing Guaranteed Rent to 20,000 landlords all over the UK.


Thousands of happy landlords across the UK trust us to guarantee their monthly rental income and to look after their properties. We’re proud of our reputation as trustworthy, experienced lettings agents. We always go over and above to deliver an outstanding service to our customers  - it’s what we stand for.



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