Tenant Wear and Tear Guide


The aim of this page is to provide guidance on areas that are the Tenants responsibility, both during the tenancy and when you move out.

You must leave the property in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the tenancy and make sure that it is professionally cleaned or cleaned to a professional standard.

Prior to your move in, our Property Management Staff will have undertaken a full inventory, with photographic documentation. All items and elements within a room will be given a condition grade.

The following grades will be used on your inventory to indicate the condition of the property and any items within it:

1 - Brand-new condition, unused, possibly still in wrapper or with new tags/labels attached.

2 - Good condition, signs of slight wear, generally lightly worn rather than marked/scuffed.

3 - Fair condition, signs of age, frayed, small light stains and marks, discolouration.

4 - Poor condition, extensive signs of wear and tear, extensive stains/marks/tears/chips. Still functional.

3 - Very poor condition, extensively damaged/faulty items, large stains, upholstery torn and/or dirty, pet odours/hairs.

Maintenance issues.

You must notify Northwood Lincoln via the FixFlo app or Website about any defect at the property, or if any equipment does not work. You should not call out a contractor yourself to repair an item, unless in an emergency or you broke it and would be responsible for payment. All maintenance work must be carried out by a suitably qualified contractor; proof of this will be required.


Carpets and curtains.

You must provide receipts for any professional cleaning of carpets and curtains carried out at the end of your tenancy.

If you do not use a professional cleaner, you must make sure that carpets and curtains are cleaned to a professional standard. Be very careful laundering curtains as if you accidentally shrink or damage them, you will be charged for replacements. If in doubt, seek professional advice before cleaning any curtains.

Decoration and wall surfaces.

You must not carry out any redecoration (other than that described below) without the written consent of the landlord.

If you need to touch up paint during the tenancy or at the end, Please make sure you are using the correct colour and texture. It is no good touching up vinyl silk with vinyl matt.

You must also obtain consent if you wish to hang any pictures or fixtures to the walls etc. If walls are badly marked, you could be charged for redecorating the entire room.

Please take great care when moving furniture about, or when your removal contractors are moving your belongings about. From our experience, much of the damage to decoration and doorframes is caused when moving in or out of the property.


Any furniture in the property should be cleaned and maintained to a standard as documented in the inventory.


If there is a working fire at the property, please make sure that any chimneys are swept and maintained as required. You should retain receipts from the chimney sweep.


Taps, sink and surrounding areas must be thoroughly cleaned and free from lime scale. All wall tiles, worktops and floor must be cleaned. Kitchen cupboards must be cleaned inside and out.

Water Supply.

To help avoid the spreading of Legionnaires’ disease, it is your responsibility to flush through the water system by running all taps and showers for a while if the property has been vacant for any periods of time during the tenancy.


The cooker must be degreased and cleaned to a professional standard, including all shelves and dishes, and the extractor fan degreased and cleaned.


The fridge/freezer must be defrosted and cleaned to a professional standard inside and out.

Washing Machine.

The washing machine must be cleaned to a professional standard inside and out, including the seal and door. Soap dispensers should be removed if possible and cleaned thoroughly.


All taps, shower heads and the toilet must be thoroughly cleaned and free from lime scale. The sink, bath, shower, wall tiles, floor and any other fittings must be cleaned to a professional standard.


Once you have received written confirmation from the landlord that pets can reside at the property, it is your responsibility at the end of the tenancy to have the property fully fumigated and professionally cleaned even if there is no evidence of infestation. All receipts and certificates will be asked for on the day of your check out.

Outbreak of fleas/vermin/pests:

If there is an outbreak of household pests after your initial move in date, it will be your responsibility to have the problem attended to. You must retain all receipts confirming the problem has been rectified.


You must ensure adequate ventilation to the property. You must not hang or place wet or damp articles of washing upon any room heater or items provided by the landlord.


Windows must be cleaned inside and out. All internal window sills and frames must be cleaned.

Gardens and any external buildings.

You are responsible for keeping the garden in good condition, unless the landlord is employing a gardener. If the garden is not properly maintained, a professional gardener will be employed to return it to an acceptable seasonal standard and you will be charged. Any sheds, garages or outbuildings must be returned in their original condition.

Guttering and drainage pipes.
You are responsible for notifying the landlord if the gutters need cleaning, clearing or repairing.

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