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Get peace of mind with legal support from the experts

Evicting a tenant can be a complicated, costly and lengthy process. At Stronghold Legal Services we understand how frustrating and stressful these problems can be.   


Let us help you

Our in-house legal team are experts in Landlord & Tenant law and between them have in excess of 40 years’ experience of working in this area. Our team are fully trained and are up to date with current legislation.   We are here to help landlords through every step of the eviction process, ensuring that they can get on with their busy lives whilst we resolve the problem.

Our services include:

  • Service of notices
  • Issuing of legal proceedings
  • Obtaining & enforcing possession orders
  • Pursuing the outstanding debt

A Fixed Fee solution

We offer a fixed fee pricing structure for all undefended possession actions. This means up to and including the first hearing, the fee that you are initially quoted is the fee that you will pay,  regardless of where your property is located, how long it takes to remove the tenant or how complex the process becomes.


For more information of our fixed fee pricing structure get in touch:

Legal Helpline on 01329 820420




To initially assess your claim, we will need the following:

Original Tenancy Agreement, any renewal or extension, copies of all notices served, Guarantor agreement (if any),  Arrears schedule

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