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Debunking the myths: Sub-letting vs Guaranteed Rent

July 19, 2013

AC Forscutt, Northwood’s Compliance Manager, explains the difference between rent to rent and Guaranteed Rent. “Rent to rent”, “rent the rented”, “multi-let”, “let to let”: four different terms but each a synonym for sub-letting.  It’s a controversial subject and one that’s stirred up heated headlines and debates in the national papers and within the industry […] View article >

Minimise Buy-to-Let repossession risk with Guaranteed Rent

June 10, 2013

Northwood Managing Director Nick Cooper advises how landlords can limit the risk of repossession. “Buy-to-let has never been so appealing. With the temptation of gross rental yields of 6.2% , everyone from aspiring property moguls to pensioners hoping to boost their income are turning to buy-to-let. However, it’s become clear that many are jumping in […] View article >

SAFEagent Awareness Week: Playing it SAFE

May 15, 2013

Northwood MD Nick Cooper explains why Northwood supports SAFEagent Awareness Week: “Landlords and tenants place a huge amount of trust in letting agents – after all, deposits and rents add up to a hefty sum of money.  However, headlines of rogue agents absconding with money suggest that too many of us don’t choose our letting […] View article >

Eleventh hour reform for ‘Wild West’ industry

May 7, 2013

AC Forscutt, Northwood’s Compliance Manager, examines what the amendment to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill means for you “Wild west agents outlawed”, “A win for tenants’ rights”… You’ll have seen the headlines that resulted from the recent (Tuesday 16 April), eleventh hour amendment to theEnterpriseand Regulatory Reform Bill, meaning all letting and management agents in the private […] View article >

The Truth About Guaranteed Rent

March 15, 2013

This week an article on a property news website damned guaranteed rent as a scam and criticised providers for their lack of protection of landlords.  Here, Nick Cooper, MD of our company which has an 18 year track record in providing a guaranteed rent service to thousands of satisfied landlords, addresses the issues raised. “As an established, respected […] View article >

Playing Fair: Northwood examines recommendations from the OFT

February 21, 2013

Last week the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) called for measures to be taken to ‘make the market work better for tenants’ and suggested a number of recommendations designed to help Government, industry and enforcers achieve this. As far as Nick Cooper, MD Northwood is concerned, not all lettings agents should be tarred with the […] View article >

The Generation Rent Game: Meeting rental demand through buy-to-let

January 18, 2013

Northwood’s financial director Gemma Goodson examines the current rental market. The UKhousing market continues to shift and change.  In 1995 home ownership was the norm, saving to buy for the first time took (on average) just one year and a 5% deposit was all that was needed.  Fast forward 18 years: 8.5 million people now […] View article >

Understanding Guaranteed Rent

December 3, 2012

Northwood MD Nick Cooper explains the intricacies of Guaranteed Rent. One of the worst scenarios facing a landlord is an empty property.  Whilst the landlord must make mortgage repayments each month, if a property has a void (empty) period and there are no tenants to pay the rent, this can cause a real cash flow […] View article >

Northwood Makes the News

November 22, 2012

Here at Northwood, we’re not ones to blow our own trumpet… BUT some things are worth shouting about.  Following our recent report, last weekend Northwood MD Nick Cooper was quoted in both Saturday’s Daily Telegraph and the Mail on Sunday on how unexpected costs are impacting on landlords.  The articles are both available to read […] View article >

The True Cost of Being a Landlord

October 23, 2012

A new report has found that private residential  UK landlords are losing £2.1billion a year because of unexpected costs. Northwood MD Nick Cooper takes a look at these hidden costs and advises on how to safeguard against them “More people are renting than ever before and this is only set to rise: 2013 will be […] View article >