Leicester No Landlord Charges


Landlords of many other agents have been hit by rising charges. Why?

The Tenant Fee Ban came into effect from June 1st 2019. And this means agencies that have for years pitched low, low, LOW commission rates to landlords and instead lumped cost after cost onto tenants, will now be unable to take that route to build their income.

Instead most traditional agents are looking at a sharp increase in commission rates to their landlords…ANDa fees increase for a variety of services, many of them obscure and not at all obvious until a landlord’s statement reveals them.

Here’s a range of the costs that traditional agents  will hit landlords with – it’s just a snapshot of the dozens of charges on other agents’ fees lists. Compare this with Northwood’s premier product: Guaranteed Rent

No landlord charges on northwood's guaranteed rent scheme

Maybe it’s time to take a look at GUARANTEED RENT with Northwood

  • Your agreed rent paid to you every month…whether there’s a tenant in the property or not
  • A guaranteed contract start date, so you know you’re going to be paid – even if there’s no tenant
  • The property returned to you at the end of the contract in the same condition as at the outset (subject only to fair wear and tear) or we’ll pay up to one and a half month’s rent to put things right
  • Every single piece of the mountains of regulation, legislation, compliance, and control is taken care of by Northwood…so you rest easy while we deal with the hassle

It’s so comprehensive and we’d love to explain it all to you: just click the button to arrange an informative and helpful meeting at the rental property and we’ll assess the property to give you your unique Guaranteed Rent quote. To read more about the scheme in the meantime, you can find out more here.