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Houses fit for a pooch

May 12, 2016

With around 58 million pets across the country it’s no secret that the UK is a nation of pet-lovers.  People’s pets are very much a part of the family and like any member of the family, they need a bed. In honour of pampered pooches and pets thoughout the land we have pulled together a […] View article >

Top tips for selling your home this spring

April 20, 2016

Spring time is traditionally a busy time for house sales. With plenty of homes on the market at this time of year, you want to make sure your home stands out from the crowd. Here are some top tips for selling your home this spring: Kerb appeal matters Many buyers know within a few minutes […] View article >

Be prepared for all costs when buying a property

April 15, 2016

Given that property prices rose by 6.4% in the United Kingdom in 2015, it is no surprise that many people may wince when they read about the cost of buying a property. According to Land Registry Data, the average price of property in England and Wales rose to £188,270. In addition to the price of […] View article >

Bank of England introduce new measures to curb BTL lending

April 1, 2016

Earlier this week, the Bank of England introduced a consultation on new measures to toughen up underwriting of Buy To Let mortgages. In its consultation paper, Underwriting standards for buy-to-let mortgage contracts, the Bank’s “Prudential Regulation Authority” said it intends to establish a guardrail on underwriting standards in the buy-to-let sector to prevent these from slipping […] View article >

Evicting a tenant? Get your paperwork right

March 15, 2016

New figures produced by the Minstry of Justice show that there has been a significant shift in the number of landlords choosing to take the Section 21 accelerated possession route instead of using the Section 8 Notice – even where there are arrears outstanding. In the last quarter  of 2015 nearly 28,500 orders for possession […] View article >

Northwood supports landlords throughout their property career

December 14, 2015

Following on from a previous blog, Lifecycle of a landlord, we thought we might address this topic again, with some additional detail. The four stages of the landlord lifecycle are: Pre-acquisition – the research stage, doing your due diligence, and finding a property that meets your financial goals. Buying the property – getting your finances […] View article >

Is the colour of your walls impacting on your house sale?

November 24, 2015

The colour of a paint is a powerful thing. In the home, paint has the ability to deter potential buyers, but when used in the correct way, it has the ability to attract buyers and even become a selling point.   Paint is a perfect way of adding colour and character to your home. While […] View article >

Rent Smart Wales has launched – have you registered?

November 24, 2015

New Law for Welsh Landlords and Letting Agents is here! Rent Smart Wales, the new registration and licensing scheme set up for landlords and letting agents in Wales,  launched yesterday. The law itself means that anyone who owns and rents out private property in Wales will have to register with the central licensing authority via […] View article >

It’s a spooktacular property!

October 21, 2015

Potential buyers and tenants will often get a “feel” for a property when they walk through the door, but it appears that some believe that they have ended up with more than the bricks and mortar when they have purchased a property. Across the UK one in seven people believe they live in a haunted […] View article >

Northwood Beverley launch campaign to save 12th century church

September 24, 2015

Northwood, in Beverley, have launched a new awareness campaign to highlight the urgent need for restoration funds at St Mary’s Church in Beverley. This new ‘Save St Mary’s’ drive will see campaign boards, supplied by Northwood, placed around Beverley in a bid to spread the word of the church’s need for crucial funds. The iconic church founded in 1120, […] View article >