What Kind Of Homes Do We Want To Live In?

If you travel up and down the country, you will see a breath-taking array of different properties, none quite like the other. In fact, you’ll see the same wide range in your local area if you take a walk around. Each different type of property appeals to different people, at different times in their lives, so a wide range means there is always something for everyone. But as estate agents, we can see certain trends in the types of homes people are looking for. So one year cottage homes might be in high demand, but the next it will be more of the compact sized or ultra-modern. The Northwood team have done some research, and we’ve complied the 4 most popular property styles at the moment to share with you.


Georgian Detached (1714-1830)


Georgian detached homes are often quite symmetrical from the outside, with a common feature being 5 large windows surrounding a central front door. Most will have large, high windows that let in lots of light and balconies in strategic positions. Chimney breasts are often a big focal point in these properties, with high ceilings creating light and airy spaces that feel very grand.


Eco Builds (2000s)


From one century to the next, eco-builds are proving to be a very popular property type at the moment. These properties have a very modern and contemporary feel, with a heavy focus on sustainability. You’ll often see good thermal performance, low carbon energy and added elements like solar panels. This type of property doesn’t have a particular visual style or any common appearances – instead the focus is on efficiency and energy-saving measures.


New Build (1990’s)


Stepping back a bit, new builds are still a very popular property choice. Developers in the 90s were under more pressure than ever to deliver compact housing in dense areas. Practically every home was built with energy efficiency in mind, so be prepared to see central heating and double glazing. New build houses will often have a focus on the kitchen as the most important room in the house, often resulting in less spacious living and bedroom spaces.


Edwardian Semi-Detached (1901-1910)


This type of property is more often found in the suburbs, and is often described as having a rustic charm’. Think Pride and Prejudice, if they had lived in a semi-detached house. An Edwardian semi-detached property will usually have fixtures and fittings with a heavy Art Nouveu influence. Depending on the size of the property, you might even come across the odd Gargoyle or beautiful studded door. A big identifier of an Edwardian property is the height – they are very tall buildings with high ceilings throughout.

As an added bonus, we also unearthed some of the most desired features for a property in the UK at the moment. For the most part, we found a mix of modern and traditional features made a property perfect for buyers, for example:


-       Walk-in shower

-       Underfloor heating

-       Exposed brickwork

-       Bay windows

-       Original fireplaces


This means that if the property you’re looking to sell falls into any of these categories, you are likely to get much more interest than other properties, and be able to get a higher price. For more information about selling your home, or making the most of its features, get in touch with the team today.

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