Understanding the Mind-set of the Burglar

A burglary occurs approximately every two minutes in the UK, so it’s understandable that security is a big concern for UK home owners and that includes landlords.

Not only can a burglary result in the loss of sentimental and irreplaceable belongings, but increasing evidence shows that burglaries have a serious and lasting psychosocial impact on the victims.

As the law stands, burglary is considered a ‘property crime?.

Property crime is defined as ‘the taking of money or property, and does not involve force or threat of force against a victim.’

However, even when no physical threat has been present, the impact of burglary extends far beyond property loss.

One third of adult burglary victims report feeling fear and anxiety for more than four months following the crime, while many victims report an increased fear of becoming a victim of other crimes. For some, the feeling of being vulnerable in their home may never entirely go away.

October is National Home Security Month; an initiative aimed at creating more awareness around the importance of home security, and helping people improve the security levels of their home ahead of the winter months.

In line with this, we?ve published this infographic supplied by www.ukoakdoors.co.uk that looks at, amongst other things, at the mind-set of the burglar, the impact on victims, and tips to help you keep your property safe.


Article courtesy of LandlordZONE””