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No passport? No rent

Under the new Right to Rent Scheme that was introduced in England earlier this year, Britons without a passport are finding it increasingly difficult to rent a property. Due to the new immigration checks that have to be completed under the... more

One in seven tenants in breach of tenancy agreement

According to recent research carried out by Direct Line, one in seven renters have broken the terms set out in their tenancy contracts. Whilst the majority of tenants, 65%, obeyed the rules set out in their rental agreements... more

Tenants Falling Victim to Online Fraud

Due to the increase in demand for rental properties over the last few years, prospective tenants are increasingly becoming victims of online fraudsters. Those looking for property in the capital are particularly targeted as they are often looking ... more

Gas safety a burning issue for part-time landlords

Part-time landlords across the UK could be putting their tenant’s lives at risk by being unaware of gas safety legislation. According to a survey conducted by Atomic Research on behalf of British Gas, as much as 20% do not carry out the compulsory annual gas safety checks ... more

25% of British Mortgages Funded by ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’

A recent report shows that the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ will help 300,000 of their children to buy a home in 2016. This works out at an average of £17,500 per child and makes the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ amongst the top 10 UK mortgage lenders!... more

Welsh election – rent controls on party agenda

The issue of rent controls has been raised by Plaid Cymru as part of next month’s Welsh Assembly elections. Plaid’s election manifesto pledges to ban fees paid by the tenant to letting agents and introduce rent controls. ... more

New Rentals Energy Efficiency rules introduced

Last Friday, 1st April 2016 marked the start of the new energy efficiency standards for housing in England and Wales. This is the first step in the UK government’s long-term drive... more

Northwood, the #1 Agent in Milton Keynes

Northwood, the #1 Agent in Milton Keynes. What an amazing start to 2016 for all the team here at Northwood MK! We truly have started the New Year in style, taking the #1 spot on the All Agents website in Milton Keynes. ... more

Four out of five Tenants happy with their Landlord

On average across the country, 79 per cent of tenants have expressed satisfaction with their tenancies and their private landlords. ... more

20% of Tenants don't expect to get their full deposit back

Recent research shows that on average almost one-in-five tenants are saying that when they hand over their tenancy deposit, they don’t expect to see all their money back again. ... more
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