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(Not) a long way from home

Mon 20 Jun 2016

Recent research has revealed that 70% of people, who sold their primary residence, moved less than 20 miles to their new property. Of the 26,000 ‘house-movers’ in the last five years, those in the North East, East and South West were

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Abandoned properties a common issue for landlords

Sun 22 May 2016

Abandoned properties are a more common problem for landlords than you might think. According to figures by National Landlords Association, on average, a third of landlords (36%) across the UK have been left with an abandoned property to deal with

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Welsh election – rent controls on party agenda

Wed 06 Apr 2016

The issue of rent controls has been raised by Plaid Cymru as part of next month’s Welsh Assembly elections. Plaid’s election manifesto pledges to ban fees paid by the tenant to letting agents and introduce rent controls.

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Northwood, the #1 Agent in Milton Keynes

Thu 24 Mar 2016

Northwood, the #1 Agent in Milton Keynes. What an amazing start to 2016 for all the team here at Northwood MK! We truly have started the New Year in style, taking the #1 spot on the All Agents website in Milton Keynes.

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Tenant being pursued for damages by landlady's insurers

Tue 09 Feb 2016

A tenant who allegedly caused £128,000 of damage to a £1m rented property in Wiltshire is being pursued for damages by the landlady’s insurers.

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Tenant Stole Dishwasher and Flooded Flat

Thu 02 Jul 2015

A North East landlord suffered thousands of pounds worth of damage to his flat when his tenant stole the dishwasher, leaving water leaking which flooded the flat and caused damage to the flat below.

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180,000 Scottish tenancies not in Deposit Protection

Wed 01 Jul 2015

The 'Make Renting Right' conference brought the good Scottish private landlords together with their counterparts in housing associations and advice agencies, and there was some good news, says Councillor Jimmy Black in his Blog for Scottish

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Arsenal tops the League of renting prices

Thu 25 Jun 2015

Arsenal tops the league table every time when it comes to renting prices in their area.With a two bedroom flat going for £2,000 per calendar month you'd almost need to be on a footballer's wage to afford it.

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Manchester gives highest Buy to Let yields

Sun 31 May 2015

Manchester gives highest Buy to Let yields

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3,000 Scottish Landlords in bid to stop rent controls

Sun 24 May 2015

More than three thousand Scottish landlords have signed a petition strongly opposing the proposed introduction of rent controls in new legislation which could also abolish the “no fault” eviction procedure introduced in the Housing Act in 1988.

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