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Licencing of landlords on the rise

The standard belief that landlords simply buy properties and let them out to people in exchange for rent payments seems fairly simple. It’s not. The number of pieces of legislation now associated with letting out a property has increased exponentially over the last decade to over 140. ... more

No passport? No rent

Under the new Right to Rent Scheme that was introduced in England earlier this year, Britons without a passport are finding it increasingly difficult to rent a property. Due to the new immigration checks that have to be completed under the... more

Do landlords believe the government is anti investor?

92% of landlords believe that the Government is ‘anti-landlord’, according to a recent survey. From the 783 landlords from across the nation that took part in the research, the overwhelming feeling seemed to be one of anger, ... more

One in seven tenants in breach of tenancy agreement

According to recent research carried out by Direct Line, one in seven renters have broken the terms set out in their tenancy contracts. Whilst the majority of tenants, 65%, obeyed the rules set out in their rental agreements... more

Do you live in a 'happy' place?

Leigh-on-Sea has earned itself the title of the happiest place to live in Britain, according to Rightmove’s annual ‘Happy at Home’ Index, thanks to a strong community spirit and sense of belonging, good access to sports and arts activities. ... more

The different profiles of today's tenant

In the UK currently there are around 4.5 million renters in the Private Rented Sector, a number expected to rise to around 6 million in the next few years. Some are choosing to rent as a long-term solution to their housing needs and other are using it as a... more

To let furnished or unfurnished. That is the question.

As a landlord one of your biggest decisions will be whether to let your property furnished or unfurnished. So which is best? The answer to that is that is largely dependent on who you would ideally like to let the property out to.... more

Half of middle-class children now being raised in rented accommodation

Half of middle-class children are now being brought up in rental accommodation, according to research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS). The rise in property prices is resulting in couples starting a family before they can afford to buy ... more

Landlord uncertainty impacting on rental property supply

The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) is warning that landlords are hesitating to let their properties due to lack of government commitment to the private rented sector (PRS). ... more

The 'Waitrose effect' on house prices is real

Could it be that simply living close to a Waitrose could increase the value of your property by an average of almost £40,000? According to new research on the so called ‘Waitrose Effect’ by Lloyds Bank, the answer is yes!... more
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