Top Summer Garden Games for Rental Properties

Top Summer Garden Games for Rental Properties


If you have a rental property that comes with a garden, you are not going to want to waste the space this summer  Whatever it is that you have decided to use it for, from a place for the kids to play to a bbq with the neighbours, family and friends, the garden is a great place to have some outdoor fun.

We have therefore come up with some great ideas for you to use and take advantage of your outside space


Do It Yourself Twister

With some cut out circles of coloured card or plastic, it’s easy to create a twister game for the garden. All you need is four rows of six coloured circles, a board with a pointer you can twirl around and enough space in the garden to set up. If you have a lawn area, you can also get water based paints that can be used to decorate the grass.

Outdoor Skittles

Again, you don’t have to spend a good deal on setting up – all you need are some plastic bottles, put in a little water to weigh them down a bit and find yourself a ball. The more space you have, the bigger distance you can put between contestants and the skittles. This is a brilliant game that kids can set up themselves during the summer months.

Scrabble for the Backyard

If you want to create a game that’s a little more intellectual and gets your kids or guests to use their brains, with a little endeavour you can create a backyard scrabble game. For this you simply need several squares of card with letters on them. You can then fill the whole patio if you want with your game of scrabble.

Limbo Magic

Another great game that can be lots of fun for people of all ages is limbo. All you need is a couple of poles with pins along their length and a horizontal beam that your guests can limbo under, getting lower and lower as the evening wears on. It’s fun for kids but even more enjoyable for adults, especially if you are having a barbecue. What’s more, it’s an excellent spectator sport.

Throwing Games

Along with skittles, one of the most popular games in the garden involves throwing at a target. This can be anything like setting up a mini horseshoe tossing contest or simply using mini-beanbags to hit a target. You can decide to make your own – perhaps by sticking spikes in the ground and making rings from sturdy cardboard – or buy something from your local shop.

Obstacle Courses

When it’s a nice day and you want to give the kids a little exercise, designing an obstacle course in the garden is another great idea. You can get the children to help you set it up and use things from the home to create stuff they can climb over and crawl under.

The Old Favourites

Don’t forget some of the time-honoured favourites for outdoor games, especially when it comes to kids. Hopscotch is one that will appeal to children but also to some adults who want to recapture some of their youth. Next time you want to liven up your barbecue, try introducing a game of musical statues into the proceedings and see what happens.

With a little imagination and a few things from around the house, it’s easy to come up with games for the garden, whether it’s for adults or children. Simplicity usually works well and can keep everyone occupied for hours.


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