The 10 Happiest Places to Live in the UK

Quite often we will highlight the most popular places to live or we will look at the property market and highlight where it is the most economical to buy property, but we thought we would put a positive spin on things for this article and look at the happiest places to live. Given the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and also the cost of living crisis, we thought that positivity is the way forward. So, where are the 10 happiest places to live in the UK? Rightmove carried out a survey of 21,000 people across the country and asked them to score their local area based on things like access to nature and green spaces, access to cultural and artistic facilities, sense of belonging and community and the friendliness of the local people. Here are the results:

  1. St Ives, South West England. Located in Cornwall, St Ives is famous for its sandy beaches and tourism and was highly rated by its residents for the town’s community spirit and the sense of belonging they have. With miles of beaches and award-winning restaurants and cafes, St Ives really is a lovely part of the country.
  2. Galashiels, Scotland. Topping the list in Scotland is Galashiels which lies on the border between England and Scotland. The town scored particularly highly on things like politeness and the friendliness of the townsfolk and being centrally placed in the borders it is ideal for families and commuters who work in Edinburgh and those who want ready access to the countryside.
  3. Woodbridge, East of England. This port town located in the East Suffolk district is well known for its boating harbour and tidal mill. The town lies right on the edge of the Suffolk Coast and Heath area of outstanding natural beauty and offers a great selection of arts festivals such as the popular Woodbridge Festival.
  4. Hexham, North East England. Set on the South Bank of the River Tyne, Hexham is just a stone’s throw from Hadrian’s wall and is just 24 miles from Newcastle. Voted the happiest place to live in both 2019 and 2021 based on the access to open space and the town’s great amenities Hexham really does seem to be loved by its residents.
  5. Perth, Scotland. Nestling on the banks of the River Tay, Perth is steeped in history with its roots going back over 8,000 years. With such age comes a mass of culture and Perth boasts the famous Perth Museum and Gallery which is one of the oldest provincial museums in Scotland.
  6. Harrogate, Yorkshire and the Humber. Lying close to the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Harrogate is famous for its Spa and historical Turkish baths and also for the RHS Harlow Carr themed gardens which are the main Royal Horticultural Society’s presence in the North of England.
  7. Anglesey, Wales. The happiest place in Wales, according to residents, is Anglesey. Located in at the very North-west tip of Wales, this island which includes Holy Island is the largest island in Wales and the largest island in the Irish Sea. Boasting some of the most spectacular coastal walks anywhere in the UK, this area has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  8. Bury St Edmunds, East of England. Another town based on Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds is a historic market town. Bury St Edmunds was the home of St Edmund, the original patron saint of England who is believed to be buried in the grounds of the Abbey. The town is also a foodie paradise with some amazing award-winning fine dining restaurants as well as great pub grub destination places.
  9. Stirling, Scotland. Based in Central Scotland it is held that Stirling is the place that connects the Scottish Highlands to the Lowlands. Thought to have its roots going back nearly 4,000 years, Stirling certainly has plenty of culture to enjoy, especially given its status as having once been the capital of Scotland and boasting its very own visually stunning Castle.
  10. Cirencester, South West of England. The second town in the South West to be voted as one of the happiest places in the UK is the market town of Cirencester which lies on the River Churn, which is tributary of the River Thames. The largest town in the Cotswolds, Cirencester is also home to the Royal Agricultural University which is the oldest agricultural college in the English speaking world.

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