Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



The following terms and conditions apply to all competitions promoted by Northwood Wrexham Limited.

Promotions are not associated with, sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook, Google, Instagram or any other social media platforms.


  1. Eligibility

  2. Entry

  3. The Prize

  4. Winner Selection

  5. Winner Contact


1. Eligibility

All entrants of the competitions must meet the following eligibility requirements specified within these terms and conditions.

Entrants must be aged 18 years or over at time of entry and resident in the UK.

The winner selected of the competition, must provide a (UK) proof of address.

Northwood Wrexham has the right to ask for evidence to verify the identity and age of the winning entrant at any time, as to confirm eligibility.


2. Entry

If entries to a competition are received before the opening date or after the noted closing date, they will not be counted.  

The entrant must follow the interaction information instructions. An individual entering the competition via ways that are not specified in the interaction information will not be counted.

When entering the competition, the entrants must submit the correct information indicated whilst completing specified tasks.

When entering the competition, entrants must only do so via the methods indicated in the competition description.

When entering, an individual must not enter through another person; these entries will be classed as void so will not be accepted.

In regards to the competition, if there is any dispute, mistakes, misunderstanding or any fault in relation to correctness of the competition information or if information supplied from entrants is deemed unacceptable by the promoter (Northwood Wrexham),the final decision regarding the entrant will be the decision of the promoter.


3. The Prize

Specification of the competition prize is stated in the interaction information.

The prize is subject to winner confirmation, as in the promoter has been able to confirm eligibility of the winner.

When competition prizes appear to be tampered with through duplication, damages, or seem to be affected by fraud, the promoter and issuers of the competition prizes have the right to refuse.

To obtain the prize, the winner will need to be available to visit the promoters’ premises and be willing to communicate with a promoter presenter via live video.

No alternative prize will be given to the winner. The competition prize will not be exchanged due to the request of the winner, if the winner chooses to sell the prize on; this is at their own discretion and will be of no responsibility to the promoter.


If the chosen winner breaches any of the terms and conditions, the promoter can refuse to supply them with the competition prize.

After the competition has finished, from the date of the closing day, the promoter will endeavour to supply the prize to the winner within 28 days after notification, subject to the winner making contact with the promoter.

If the winner chooses not to accept the prize, the promoter has the right to ask the winner to confirm this in writing. If this is not confirmed the promoter will still be able to retain the prize and even resubmit the competition.

 If the prize is lost, damaged or stolen after it has been delivered by the promoter to the winner, the promoter or/and the prize providers will not be liable and will not replace the prize.

The winner of the competition agrees to Northwood Wrexham publishing their name when announcing the winner. The winner agrees to be mentioned elsewhere on Northwood Wrexham’s pages and other social media sites, when relevant to the promoters’ competitions.  


4. Winner Selection

A draw will be used to randomly select a winner; this will take place within 7 days of the competition closing date and the winner will be notified within a further 7 days after that. The first entry drawn at random will be selected as the winner, subject to eligibility and confirmation. If the winner does not meet the terms and conditions, the winner will be selected again in the same way.


5. Winner Contact

Contact will be made with the winner on or after the closing date of the draw. The winner will be contacted appropriately in relation to how they entered the competition.

If the winner does not make suitable arrangements to contact the promoter and collect the prize within 28 days of being notified of the win, Northwood reserves the right to disqualify the entrant and offer the prize to another entrant who would be eligible for the win.

Failure for the winner to comply with the terms and conditions means that they forfeit the win and the promoter can select another entrant to win the prize.


6. Contact details

If you have any need to contact us with any queries regarding the competitions and/or terms & conditions, you can reach us via:

Email: Wrexham@northwooduk.com

Telephone number: 01978 356100

Registered Office: Northwood Wrexham Limited , 27 King Street, Wrexham, LL11 1HF - 5624284
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