Switch agents - make money!

You picked your agent because they were one of the biggest. 

But that's exactly why your prospective tenant didn't want to rent through them...

We’re a small team and so we get to know our tenants really well. A typical conversation is:
We’re expecting another baby and it’s time for us to move somewhere larger, but we really want to stay with Northwood.
We’ve seen that Agent X has a property in the area we’re considering but what have you got coming up around there?
We then chat through what they’re looking for and see how we can help.
They then tell us exactly why they don’t want to go to Agent X which usually boils down to a bad experience they or their friends have had with them in the past.
When we ask what it is they like about us we regularly hear that:

You’re a small team so we know who we’re talking to and feel like we know you.
You don’t get passed off to some anonymous call centre or speak to someone different every time you call.
You don’t charge ridiculous fees.
The website that talks you through maintenance issues and sometimes solves them on the spot.
That you checked us in at the property (not just handed us keys at the office) where we were shown around and you made sure we knew how everything worked, setting the tenancy off on the right foot.

That we go the extra mile for them. Come out in the evening when they’ve locked themselves out, drop off heaters if their boiler breaks down, post on parcels for ex-tenants and even helped them to buy the rental property they’re living in.
That you don’t charge fees for references, returning overpaid rent at the end of a tenancy, statements or check outs.
That we found them the right property that suited them rather than try to persuade them to take something they’d move out of after 6 months.
Property visits that pick up maintenance issues they’d not spotted – such as seals failing around baths that would have caused a very inconvenient leak.
That you’ve offered us a free pre-checkout appointment so we know exactly how to leave the property to get our deposit back.

We think that’s the service everyone should be offering but according to our tenants it may be unique to us.
You want your property occupied as quickly as possible to keep the rent coming in.
If tenants are crossing your property off the list due to your agent then it's time to switch. 

Interested in switching but worried it will be difficult? Use our We Switch You service and let us do the work! Simply fill out the We Switch You form and we’ll speak to your agent.
Want another bonus? We’ll waive out usual management fees for the first 3 months OR pay up to £400 if you incur exit fees from your current agent (another fee we just don’t have…) Want to know more? Take a look at the We Switch You form below. 

Call us on 01189 772 772 or email wokingham@northwooduk.com 

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