Spring Gardening Tips

Spring is finally here! I don’t know about you, but with the lockdown, that Winter felt at least 6 months long. Now it is over and whilst the weather remains changeable, it is time to get out into the garden and get cracking. To help you along the way here are a few Spring gardening tips.


First and foremost, let’s get rid of the unwanted weeds that are starting to sprout up. Clear your beds of weeds and Winter debris. You are now all set to start planting.

Pruning Shrubs and Bushes

For most varieties, Spring is the perfect pruning time for your shrubs and bushes. Remove any damaged, dead or diseased areas. Prune Spring blooming shrubs after flowering. For excellent tips and advice on pruning, visit this BBC guide.

Sowing Seeds

When planting seeds this Spring, to safeguard them from a sudden drop in temperature, start them off indoors in seed trays and transfer to your beds or outdoor pots as soon as you achieve a decent growth.

Taking Care Of Tools

Spring is a great time to make sure everything is ship shape in the shed. Sharpen shears, lawnmower blades and pruners and make sure spades and trowels are clean and rust free.


After a long Winter, when active growth resumes, I always like to start the garden off with a good dosing of fertiliser. For excellent fertilising advice visit this page on the RHS website!

Start a Compost

For a renewable, organic and economical way to feed your garden, you cannot beat home-grown compost. Use all the Winter debris and cuttings you have collected from the garden as a good base to create your compost. If this is your first time trying your hand at composting, take a look at this superb compost guide from the RSPB, they take you through everything you need to get cracking.


Is there anything more quintessentially British than our love for our lawns? There is quite a bit of work to do during Spring if you want a lush green, weed free lawn to enjoy during the warmer months. There are lots of fantastic nuggets of advice on the lawnsmith.co.uk website from dealing with moss and weeds, to advice on treating pests and worms.

Clean Bird Feeders

If you have been caring for the local wildlife during the sparse Winter months it is a good idea to give your bird feeder a thorough clean. Make sure you rinse and dry the feeder before topping it back up.

Refresh Hardscaping

Time to take a look at how the patio, decking, walls and fencing have faired over the Winter months. Clean your patio areas, removing dead leaves, debris and weeds. Make a note of any fence damage which will need to be rectified once the wood has had a chance to dry out.

Spring Planting

Adding some colour to the garden is one of my favourite tasks, a trip to your local garden centre will show you exactly what is on offer at this time of year. Do not be afraid to ask someone for advice, most people working in garden centres are a font of knowledge when it comes to your local soil types and which plants will flourish!

We hope you have found our Spring Gardening Tips useful, now let’s hope the weather is kind to us this year so that we get to enjoy the fruits of our labours!