So Much More Than A Garden Shed

Sheds can be very personal things. If you’re a hobbyist, it’s the perfect place to steal away and shut out the world. You might just be a pragmatist, however, and as long as you have enough space to store your garden machinery you’re not that bothered with the design.

Maybe you’ve been looking at the space in the corner of the garden and musing on all the possibilities. Here are a few for you to consider:

Go For the Spectacular

Forget the standard wood frame and creosote walls, you can take this opportunity to make a real statement to the world at large.

You might be surprised to learn that there are several competitions each year around the world for the most fantastic shed. Last year’s winners of Cuprinol’s Amazing Spaces included a shed designed like a Tardis and one built to resemble a fire station.

While these were all home designed and built from scratch and maybe beyond your skillset,  you don’t have to settle for small and functional if you want to create a shed that stands out from the crowd. You can choose to transform that space into a brilliant summerhouse or even opt for a small chalet type home office.

There are several design companies and off the shelf products that provide a lot of options.

Here are just some of you might like to take a closer look at:

Amazing Sheds

Based in Sussex, Amazing Sheds is a small design studio for those who want to create something unique and out of the ordinary. Whether you want to create a spare room, a home office or a hobby space, the company take your idea from the initial design and consultation phase right through to completion.

Sheds in Shakespeare Country

If you’re not looking for a personal design but still want something that stands out, based Stratford Upon Avon have a wide range to choose from including the very basic design right up to log cabin type builds and summer houses. Easy to install and maintain, you can expect to pay anything from £500 to a few thousand but the investment is well worth it.

Crane Sheds

Functional and handmade, Crane in the heart of Norfolk can again tailor your shed to meet your needs. Their range covers summerhouses, garden rooms and garden studios and with 40 years’ experience you can be sure you’re getting some real homegrown quality. They have their own catalogue which may suit most needs but also offer a bespoke design facility if you have something more specific in mind.

The Shed Store

If off-the-shelf sheds rock your boat but you still want something that looks impressive or fulfils a particular function, The Shed Store in Worcester has an equally good range in log cabins, child play rooms and garden workshops, along with the traditional style of out building for small storage needs. You can choose from different materials including metal, plastic and wood.


Finally, based in Holland, Tuin have an office in Norfolk and supply to the UK public and trade. If you would like a Nordic feel to your shed, then there are a wide array of different ones to choose from including summerhouses and log cabins. Should you fancy the idea of a gypsy caravan style shed, the company can certainly help with this too. They even have a glamorous camping or glamping range that looks fantastic in any garden space.

Now you’ve had a chance to review all the fantastic sheds, your only real issue is going to be; what to do with the lawn mower?