Preparing your Home for Autumn

Autumn is a great time to do a little home preparation and get your garden and property ready for the winter ahead. A little work during September and October can save a lot of hassle as we approach Christmas and the nights suddenly begin to draw in.

Preparing your Home for Autumn

Here are our top tips for prepping your home for Autumn:
Check the Roof
You don’t have to do major repairs but checking the roof before we get to the less inclement weather of winter should be high on your list. Check for loose slates and pay a little attention to the facias which often get ignored during home repairs and updates. Give the guttering a good clean as it will prevent blockages and problems with overflows.

Lagging Pipes
Most homes have plenty of outside piping and it’s always sensible to check these areas are frost proof. That could mean replacing the lagging you have around the metal pipes to protect them from freezing. The last thing you want is for your plumbing to seize up over winter which can potentially lead to burst pipes.

Fix Draughts
This is also a good time to check over your windows and door seals and replace any draught excluders that may have seen better times. This is a relatively simple job to do yourself and can make sure your home stays a lot warmer during the winter months.

Have a Heating Inspection
Whether you have an old boiler or a new, state of the art one, autumn is usually the best time to have a boiler service and inspection so that you are ready for the inevitable winter cold snap. Your heating has will have sat dormant over the summer months so make sure you don’t have any nasty surprises once the cold mornings set in.

Tidying the Garden
Much will depend on the type of garden that you have but there’s usually plenty of work to do. If you have trees and bushes that are likely to shed their leaves then keeping on top of this is key. Most people wait until most of the leaves have dropped before they start raking them up. For those who have a garden pond, keeping this area clear of falling leaves is important.

You might also want to trim branches to prepare for the next spring but make sure you check when the best time is. For some species like fruit trees it’s better to do this in February/March time than during the autumn.

It’s also a good moment to fertilise your lawn – if you’ve got a compost heap, this is the perfect time to empty it, sift and spread over your main planting areas.

Keeping the Muck Outside
Autumn and Winter will mean damper and colder conditions so it’s always advisable to have somewhere to wipe your feet before you come in. Investing in a sturdy new floor mat and perhaps a boot scrapper can make sure the inside of your home has a better chance of staying clean.

Coat Storage
Finally, winter means keeping warm and having those coats, scarves and gloves close at hand certainly helps. This is one thing that can quickly become untidy if you don’t have a dedicated area for putting your winter coats. A set of hooks by the door or a traditional coat stand can make all the difference. Then you just have to train the rest of your family to use them.””