Nuisance neighbours cause an uproar

If landlords want perfect tenants that are not nuisance neighbours, then they should look at investing in the Isles of Scilly.

A survey of nuisance neighbours reveals that no one complained about the people living next door last year.

Sleepy Gwynedd, North Wales was the second best place for getting along with neighbours, with only 69 complaints in 2013.

Unfortunately, not all the country is the same ' and one of the problems for shared house in multiple occupation landlords is noisy tenants provoking complaints to the local council can set off housing inspections that can lead to other issues.

The places receiving the most complaints per 1,000 people were Fife, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Westminster, London. Overall, councils dished out over 4200 noise abatement notices, with householders ignoring 644 of them by reoffending.

Churchill Insurance asked 418 councils for information about gripes against neighbours, and three-quarters replied to reveal more than 460,000 were made. The causes of annoyance varied:

  • 200,120 were about noise
  • 104,000 complaints were about filthy homes, messy gardens and vermin
  • 93,579 were about neighbour’s rubbish
  • 46,539 were about pets
  • 21,090 were about parking

Martin Scott, head of Churchill Home Insurance, said: 'These findings present a worrying picture of the affects other people and properties near our homes have on our lives. It?s a reminder to all of us to consider that our parties, pets and general property maintenance may be causing our neighbours undue amounts of stress.

?Some insurance providers give access to legal advice as standard which may help with a dispute. Householders and landlords should consider buying legal protection as part of their insurance package in case they need to take legal action.'  

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