How to Organise an Easter Egg Hunt at Home

Easter will be with us before you know it and it is a great opportunity to have some fun at home with the children, one popular Easter activity is an Egg hunt. If you have never organised one before, it can be difficult to know where to begin. In this article we give you some hints and tips on how to organise a successful Easter Egg hunt at home.


 You will need to plan and prepare in advance as you will need a few supplies to pull off the perfect hunt. Here is a list of some of the things you might need, all available to order online: 

Clues and Signs

For a successful Easter egg hunt, you can use either signs or clues, or indeed a mixture of both.

Signs are the easiest method, as they will simply point the children in the right direction to find the eggs. This is probably the best way for younger children who might struggle with deciphering clues and who aren’t great at finding things.

Clues can be tailored to the audience. Make them a little more complex for older children (devilishly difficult for adults) and simpler for younger children, for example you could use simple pictures of items to give to the younger children to tell them where the eggs are. For older children and adults use a riddle, a rhyme or a cunningly cryptic clue for them to solve to find the prizes.

You can use a mixture of signs and clues with the signs pointing to the general direction of where the clues are, the clues then give more precise details of where the prizes are.

One option is to have a unique set of clues and signs per person playing and have one large prize for them to find. This way each hunter is off on a separate adventure to find their own prize rather than looking for several small eggs.

If you do want to have lots of eggs for the children, then you could also colour code your hunt. Some of the children could follow the green signs or clues, for example and others could follow the red signs with plenty of eggs for all at various points.

 Setting up

Make sure you prepare everything ahead of time. If you are going to go down the clue route, then you will need to plan where around the house and garden you want to hide the prizes ahead of time and sort the clues accordingly. Fill your fillable eggs with the small toys, print out or hand write your clues and the signs and put the signs onto small sticks, get your baskets ready for the children to collect their eggs in or make sure you have the right number of large prizes for the unique clue led hunt. Once you have everything prepared, make sure the children are otherwise engaged and go and hide the prizes and put the signs and clues in place.

Get Set, Go

Once everything is in place, gather the children together and brief them about the hunt:

  • Remember safety when briefing them, we don’t want any accidents
  • Tell them the boundaries of the hunt i.e. is it inside or in the garden, is mum and dad’s room off limits etc.
  • Explain the rules and how the signs or clues work
  • Ensure there is enough supervision
  • Let them go and hunt!

Easter Egg hunts are a lot of fun and with a little imagination and preparation you can have a great time at home exercising the little ones’ brains as well as getting them moving about. We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to make your own Easter Egg hunt a success and we hope the children big and small have a great time!